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Victor Gutierrez is a big liar and he has said and written a lot of disgusting lies mostly about Michael Jackson but even about people who have stand by and for MJ. When you read his interviews or writings, you need to know how to separate the lies from the course of events. To be able to do this, you need to know about MJ’s life (from liable sources), the Jacksons in general, the 93 case (watch this documentary Square One) and the 2005 case (read at least Mr. Mesereau’s opening statement and the closing argument. You find them in this blog here, here, here from 2/3 of the page and here .Other sources:, ).


Fifth son of a marine non-commissioned officer, Victor Gutierrez was born in 1964 in Quilpué in Chile. His father, Emilio Gutierrez worked some years as marine attaché in Lima, Peru. His mother’s name is Aida Prieto. In 1973, when Victor was 9 years old, he and his family moved back to Chile.

With the money Emilio Gutierrez had earned in Peru the family who lived modestly in Quilpué, bought a house in a nice neighborhood in Santiago called Beauchef. The young and wild Victor spent his life playing games in the streets of Beauchef but one day he met the writer Hernan Diaz Arrieta known as Alone who lived not far from Gutierrez’s home.

Apparently, the elderly Arrieta who rarely went out and disliked meeting people, was disturbed by the boys noise while they played football; he went to them and told them that boys should not play in a residential neighborhood; he added that they should study and read books. Then he asked Victor if he had ever read a book. VG answered only the books that the school forced them to read. Suddenly, Alone went home and came back with one of his books and asked the boy to read it and to write a summary about it. VG did what he was told to.

In 1996, Gutierrez talked about this meeting in a Chilean TV program called “Reportajes”:

“When he [Alone] read it [the summary] he was almost horrified. He told me: this is longer than my story! And you have added new characters in the book! Probably, you’re going to be a writer or a journalist.”

What more did happen between the boy and the man? We do not know. However, Alone’s personality arises several questions:

Arrieta (Alone) was born in Santiago in 1891 and died in the same city in 1984. He was tall, good looking and penniless aristocrat who lived most of his life alone!

In the surface, he was a simple employee who had an ordinary life but in privacy he studied literature and became an autodidact literary critic and writer. He published his writings in several newspapers and magazines mostly in “El Mercurio”.

Alone was honored in 1959 with the National Prize in Literature. He was a fervent catholic who defended the military coup that overthrow Salvador Allende and his government in 1973.

Arrieta published several books about literature, reading, writing and grammar; but he had also written a novel and private diaries in which he had expressed his deepest thoughts.

La Sombra Inquieta published in 1915 , Diario Íntimo 16.VII.16 published in 1918 in a litterer magazine. Apparently, none of these writings have been translated to English.

After analyzing Alone’s fictional work, some critics and journalists think that there were two Alone. One, the powerful critic with a clean style who could destroy a writer if he judged him not worthy;  and the second one who juggled with gay / bisexual / pedophilia thoughts. It seems that being a fervent catholic, he did not dare to accept his own feelings.

Here are some quotes from Arrieta’s private writing:

I find a shameful pleasure in popular and scum media. It must be something in me, deep inside me.

It is half moon and a star big as a diamond. Many evil and obscene thoughts … .

I was then in the (cemetery) and read San Francisco de Asis while sitting in a stone bench, in front of a boy who painted green bars on a grave.

“When frequenting the pools: “The silly military boy, 16 years old, colorful, very black lashes, big eyes, nose round, white teeth and … perfect, tan, pink, blue eyes, nose …, lips … golden skin, alive, bold, agile. Enough, enough Hernan, stop! I felt old, fat, large, heavy and ugly.” 

In a recent study on Alone’s work , Gilda Luongo said since Alone had an isolated life, it seems that reading and writing were like sexual acts for him. She has a Freudian approaches to Alone’s work.

Did Alone introduce Victor to gay / bisexual / pedophilia thoughts? Was it through Alone that Gutierrez discovered his penchant for man boy love?

At the age of 16, Victor Gutierrez went to the Institute of Communication Arts in Santiago. But his provocative and nasty attitudes towards his classmates forced the school’s responsible to expel him.

After his expulsion, he find a temporarily job at “Teleonce al despertar” where he learnt to work with cameras. Then in 1984, he went to Los Angeles to work as photographer for the newspaper “La Tercera” during the Olympics games. After the games, he went back to Santiago to collect his salary and to pack for moving to LA. He had found his home: California, here I come! At the beginning of his life in the US, he used to call himself a “refugee”.

Once again in LA, he went to a short and intensive course at a school and become “journalist”.

He found a job at a Hispanic tabloid in LA. In 1987, he did an interview with a future teller that predicted on October 12, at 13.30 another earthquake would happen in Los Angeles. On October first, a powerful earthquake had already shaken the city. The “news” appeared on the front page. On October 12, many Latin Americans left the city to save their lives but no earthquake happened. People who believed him, were angry but the tabloid hired Gutierrez because 150 000 copies of the paper were sold.

The years 1984-1996

In search for his kind, Gutierrez succeded to find NAMBLA members and established contact with them. In several occasions, he has told that in 1986 he participated in a NAMBLA conference in LA. Since the organized pedophilia had targeted Jackson already at the beginning of 1980’s, Gutierrez realized that was the golden opportunity to oblige and to get fame and wealth in return.

Gutierrez took upon himself the work of intruding inside Jackson’s entourage to find accomplices; also he approached the Chandlers for whom he acted like an “adviser” until the day they went separate ways. We know of course about Diane Dimond ‘s close collaboration with Gutierrez.

Besides his filthy approaches and work manners, Gutierrez was the best man for the job; if he would be identified by Jackson and his employees, he had the option of going back to Chile. As we know, that happened later in 1998.

About his way of working, he said at the same TV program (March 1996, at “Reportajes”):

“Although some people here criticize me for how I work, I am proud. I think we should get the information at any possible way. The only limit that I have is not taking the life of the person; if I need to pretend or pay for the information, I do it. That is not understandable here in Chile.”(source{97781fbc-0b34-4aaf-aa9d-fba6d6edfd0d})

Again, a year later, in 1997 in an interview with “Sociedad” he said:

“I like working alone. My adrenaline goes up when the person I investigate, open a magazine and see his photograph naked with another person, in possession of an important document while using cocaine …”(source same as above).

When Sneddon’s plans to convict Jackson crashed (1993-94), in 1995, Gutierrez faked “the videotape story”. We know that Jackson sued Paramount Pictures and Diane Dimond, the radio station KABC-AM and his employees and Victor Gutierrez. Also we know that judge Reginald Dunn convicted Gutierrez who in 1998, was ordered to pay 2,7 million to Jackson.

But in October 1998, a week after hearing the judge’s verdict, Gutierrez fled to Mexico and then to Chile. He never stopped slandering Jackson.

At the time Jackson sued this people, he send a statement to the media which was published with some ridicule. Jet magazine on January 30, 1995:

“Music super-star Michael Jackson, who had warned the media bashers that “Enough is enough” and “Leave Me Alone,” followed up his threat with a $100 million lawsuit against TV’s “Hard Copy” and Los Angeles radio station KABC-AM. … Prior to instructing his lawyers to take court action by filing the slander suit, Jackson had issued a statement to the media, warning them to quit “tripping” on him and “beat it.”

Directing his anger at newspapers, TV shows and anyone else spreading “vicious lies and rumors” about a videotaped sexual encounter […], Jackson stated:

“I will no longer stand by and watch reckless members of the media try to destroy my reputation. I intend to protect myself and my family …

“I have instructed my attorneys to immediately file lawsuits against those persons who continue to spread vicious lies and rumors about me in their attempts to make money, benefit their careers, sell papers or to get viewers to watch their programs”

Gutierrez book

Gutierrez published himself his book Michael Jackson Was My Lover in 1996 in both English and Spanish. The LGBT community was in 96 the biggest buyer of MJWML but later this community banned the book because of its pedophilia content.

In his fiction filthy book, Gutierrez describes parents as “open minded” meaning they tolerate the molesters. The predators are “soft and nice” and “would listen to the child”. The sexual abuse is “act of love” and it is “pleasant”. Please, notice how much Leaving Neverland‘s narrative is closed to MJWML! It is almost a copy of this disgusting book.

The Advocates (November 26, 1996), about Gutierrez and his “book”:

“A book allegedly detailing what really went on between Michael Jackson and the boy whose family accused Jackson of child molestation is flying off the shelves in gay bookstores. “It’s selling like crazy,” said Denise McCamles, a clerk at A Different Light in West Hollywood, Calif. And the bookstore’s outlet in San Francisco is close to selling out of its second shipment []

Author Victor Gutierrez, a journalist who said he’s been investigating Jackson ‘s attraction to boys for years, refused to name his source but claimed to have an exclusive link to the boy. He bolstered his case with copies of the confidential documents replicated in the book, including a letter to the victim written on the letterhead of the Los Angels district attorney. “I wrote the letter, but I have no idea how he got hold of it,” said Lauren Weis, head deputy of the sex crimes decision. Weis remains skeptical about the book’s overall accuracy.

What makes Weis truly indignant, however, is that the author chose to reveal the boy’s identity: “It’s outrageous that Gutierrez invaded his privacy the way he did.” For his part, Gutierrez appeared to have no qualms about broadcasting the boy’s name. He said he only wanted to make sure the true story is known. From his perspective the boy’s parents are the villains, having used the criminal investigation to pressure Jackson into a settlement []

In the end, whether or not the book’s story is true, it’s unlikely to have any impact on the stalled criminal investigation, according to Weis. “We still have a child refusing to cooperate with the prosecution, “she said, “and without a victim’s testimony you cannot prosecute.”


Interviews and articles

In this part, you will find some articles in their original language and an English translation (made by Google translator or other similar translation tools).

Please, notice that many of these articles are disgusting. Our apology for sharing these words of lies and deceit. Our purpose is to reveal who Gutierrez is and how he has knowingly destroyed MJ’s name and reputation. He, like his NAMBLA buddys, have always used MJ to promote their filthy thoughts and dirty believes.



Evil of the mouth
The interview that a British journalist did to Michael Jackson, has begun to bear fruit, and this time in South America
Santiago, Chile
The Journal of Today

The interview that a British journalist did to Michael Jackson, has begun to bear fruit, and this time in South America. Photo: AP
Chilean journalist Víctor Gutiérrez, who made accusations in 1997 against singer Michael Jackson accusing him of pedophilia, said that the recent revelations of the king of pop himself give the reason, he told El Mercurio online.

In the documentary shown by British television, “Living with Michael Jackson” and made by journalist Martin Bashir, the musician said that he is still sleeping with children in the same bed.

The star said he had a close relationship with a 12-year-old boy named Gavin, who regularly spent the night in his Neverland mansion, and said he was convinced that this relationship helped him heal the cancer he had.

Although he denied that they shared the bed, the pop star acknowledged: “I have slept in a bed with many children”, including the child actor Macaulay Culkin.
“It was not something sexual,” she said. I would tuck them up, put on some music and read them a book. We would go to bed with the light on and give them hot milk with cookies. ”

Far from improving his image or clarifying doubts, his words fueled suspicions about his behavior and could reopen the case that he had in court in 1993, according to the comments of the local and international press.

In 1997, the journalist Gutiérrez – who was based in the United States – wrote the book “Michael Jackson was my lover” (Michael Jackson was my lover), where he denounced the pedophilia of the musical idol.
The appearance of the text meant to the professional of the press, a demand for 2.7 million dollars.

The journalist commented that the making of the documentary plays in his favor, since it increases his credibility -because it was a “serious work” – and that of the children who spoke for his book.

Víctor Gutiérrez announced that there will be other revealing publications: “In December and January they came to interview me about the magazine ‘Vanity Fair’ and the BBC. The first will take the issue in its April edition, “he said and said that the magazine delivered unpublished documents that were kept since his book, between 1992 and 1996.

In addition, he said he is willing to cooperate if the US Justice resumes the investigations against Jackson.
The Chilean media asserts that the book “Michael Jackson was my lover” is rising in price, not only because there are a few used and collected copies (available at but because Jackson “has just given reason to Gutiérrez ”

Mal del bocón

La entrevista que un periodista británico le hiciera a Michael Jackson, ha comenzado a rendir frutos, y esta vez en América del Sur

Santiago de Chile
El Diario de Hoy

La entrevista que un periodista británico le hiciera a Michael Jackson, ha comenzado a rendir frutos, y esta vez en América del Sur. Foto: AP

El periodista chileno Víctor Gutiérrez, quien efectuó denuncias en el año 1997 en contra del cantante Michael Jackson acusándolo de pedofilia, sostuvo que las reciente revelaciones del propio rey del pop le dan la razón, según comentó a “El Mercurio” online.

En el documental exhibido por la televisión británica, “Viviendo con Michael Jackson” y que realizó el periodista Martin Bashir, el músico sostuvo que sigue durmiendo con niños en la misma cama.

El astro contó que tuvo una relación estrecha con un muchachito de 12 años llamado Gavin, que con regularidad pasaba la noche en su mansión de Neverland, y dijo estar convencido de que esa relación le ayudó a sanar el cáncer que tenía.

Aunque negó que hayan compartido la cama, el astro del pop reconoció: “He dormido en una cama con muchos niños”, incluido el actor infantil Macaulay Culkin.
“No era algo sexual -acotó-. Yo los arropaba, ponía un poco de música y les leía un libro. Nos metíamos en la cama con la luz encendida y les daba leche caliente con galletas”.

Lejos de mejorar su imagen o aclarar dudas, sus palabras alimentaron sospechas en torno a su comportamiento y podrían reabrir el caso que en 1993 lo tuvo en los tribunales, según han coincido los comentarios de la prensa local e internacional.

En 1997, el periodista Gutiérrez -que estaba radicado en Estados Unidos- escribió el libro “Michael Jackson was my lover” (Michael Jackson fue mi amante), donde denunció la pedofilia del ídolo musical.
La aparición del texto le significó al profesional de la prensa, una demanda por 2,7 millones de dólares.

El periodista comentó que la realización del documental juega en su favor, ya que aumenta su credibilidad -porque fue un “trabajo serio”- y la de los niños que hablaron para su libro.

Víctor Gutiérrez adelantó que habrá otras publicaciones reveladoras: “En diciembre y enero vinieron a entrevistarme de la revista ‘Vanity Fair’ y de la BBC. La primera llevará el tema en su edición de abril”, dijo y acotó que a la revista entregó documentos inéditos que se guardó desde que hizo su libro, entre 1992 y 1996.

Además, dijo estar dispuesto a colaborar si la Justicia norteamericana retoma las investigaciones contra Jackson.
El medio chileno asevera que el libro “Michael Jackson fue mi amante” está subiendo de precio, no sólo porque quedan unos pocos ejemplares usados y de colección (disponibles en sino porque Jackson “acaba de dar la razón a Gutiérrez”.


Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Michael Jackson sinks by admitting on television that he sleeps with children

The revealing interview confirms the denunciation that the Chilean Víctor Gutiérrez made in 1997.

Michael Jackson was my lover (1997), the book where the Chilean journalist Víctor Gutiérrez denounces the pedophilia of the pop idol, is rising in price. Not only because there are a few used and collected copies (available at, but also because Michael Jackson has just agreed with Gutiérrez, telling 14.1 million people in England that he shares his bed with children .

Jacko, as the children at his Californian ranch Neverland call him, confessed in Living with Michael Jackson. The documentary of the journalist Martin Bashir of TV Granada was emitted for the first time Monday 3 in England causing commotion in the press.

Jackson faces the ruin after admitting that he sleeps with children, he titled the newspaper The Times, putting the tombstone on the future of the eccentric artist. The reasons for the hard judgment were given by the musician himself, who said, in the 90 minute documentary, that sleeping with children is charming and tender.

Why can not you share your bed with someone? It’s the most tender thing you can do, says Jackson. And he adds that the issue has nothing to do with sex: My biggest inspiration comes from children … everything is inspired by that level of innocence. I love being around them all the time.

The documentary, considered a suicide by an executive quoted by The Times, perplexed its first viewers. They were able to tour the Neverland Gardens (filled with statues of Peter Pan), see how Jackson spent $ 6 million on a shopping trip in Las Vegas and hear him deny his plastic surgeries. Oh God, oh please … that’s stupid, none of this is true, he said.

Who breathes with relief is Víctor Gutiérrez. It is a very big wound for me, this whole case, because they took my crest (Jackson sued him for US $ 2.7 million). But I am happy for my credibility and that of the children who spoke for my book, he says, satisfied by the late recognition he will receive now.

The journalist says that other revealing publications will come. In December and January they came to interview me from the magazine ‘Vanity Fair’ and the BBC, he says. Gutiérrez says that Vanity Fair will take the issue in its April edition, for which he delivered unpublished documents that were kept since he made his book, between 1992 and 1996.

In addition, the Chilean is willing to cooperate if the US justice resumes the investigations against Jackson. Tom Sneddon, the District Attorney after the case denounced by the boy Jordan Chandler in 1993 (and registered by Gutiérrez), declared that he would watch the documentary with great interest. Living with Michael Jackson will be broadcast this Friday in the US and Sneddon hopes that after him, new allegations will occur.

Miércoles 5 de Febrero de 2003

Michael Jackson se hunde al admitir en televisión que duerme con niños

La reveladora entrevista confirma la denuncia que el chileno Víctor Gutiérrez hizo en 1997.

Michael Jackson was my lover (1997), el libro donde el periodista chileno Víctor Gutiérrez denuncia la pedofilia del ídolo del pop, está subiendo de precio. No sólo porque quedan unos pocos ejemplares usados y de colección (disponibles en, sino porque Michael Jackson acaba de dar la razón a Gutiérrez al decir ante 14,1 millones de personas en Inglaterra que él comparte su cama con niños.

Jacko, como lo llaman los niños en su rancho californiano Neverland, se confesó en Living with Michael Jackson. El documental del periodista Martin Bashir de TV Granada fue emitido por primera vez el lunes 3 en Inglaterra provocando conmoción en la prensa.

Jackson enfrenta la ruina después de admitir que duerme con niños, tituló el diario The Times, poniendo la lápida sobre el futuro del excéntrico artista. Las razones para el duro juicio las dio el propio músico, quien dijo, en los 90 minutos de documental, que dormir con niños es encantador y tierno.

¿Por qué no puedes compartir tu cama con alguien? Es la cosa más tierna que puedes hacer, dice Jackson. Y agrega que el asunto no tiene que ver con sexo: Mi mayor inspiración viene de los niños… todo está inspirado en ese nivel de inocencia. Me encanta estar rodeado de ellos todo el tiempo.

El documental, considerado un suicidio por un ejecutivo citado por The Times, dejó perplejos a sus primeros televidentes. Ellos pudieron recorrer los jardines de Neverland (llenos de estatuas de Peter Pan), ver cómo Jackson se gastaba US $6 millones en una salida de compras en Las Vegas y oírlo negar sus cirugías plásticas. Oh Dios, oh por favor… eso es estúpido, nada de esto es verdad, dijo.

Quien respira con alivio es Víctor Gutiérrez. Es una herida muy grande para mí todo este caso, porque me sacaron la cresta (Jackson lo demandó por US $2,7 millones). Pero me alegra por mi credibilidad y la de los niños que hablaron para mi libro, dice, satisfecho por el tardío reconocimiento que recibirá ahora.

El periodista dice que vendrán otras publicaciones reveladoras. En diciembre y enero vinieron a entrevistarme de la revista ‘Vanity Fair’ y de la BBC, dice. Gutiérrez cuenta que Vanity Fair llevará el tema en su edición de abril, para la que entregó documentos inéditos que se guardó desde que hizo su libro, entre 1992 y 1996.

Además, el chileno está dispuesto a colaborar si la justicia norteamericana retoma las investigaciones contra Jackson. Tom Sneddon, el Fiscal de Distrito tras el caso denunciado por el niño Jordan Chandler en 1993 (y registrado por Gutiérrez), declaró que verá con mucho interés la emisión del documental. Living with Michael Jackson será transmitido este viernes en EE.UU. y Sneddon espera que después de él, se produzcan nuevos alegatos.


Thursday, November 20, 2003

Jackson faces arrest and accusations of a minor

The ex-pop king accuses a plot. In Chile, journalist Víctor Gutiérrez says that a Latino child would be the victim of the singer.

This time it is true: Michael Jackson, the former king of pop, is in real trouble. The singer has become one of the most wanted men in the United States and only the payment of US $ 3 million as bail will free him from an eventual stay in jail, after he turns himself over to US justice.

Until the close of this edition, Jackson, who risked up to eight years in jail, was missing, apparently in Las Vegas filming a video clip and the prosecutor’s office in Santa Barbara (California) recommended him to surrender.

The issue is like this: at 45, Jackson is accused, once again, of abuses against minors. Now it is a 12-year-old boy, who would be willing to cooperate with prosecutors, unlike what happened 10 years ago, when there was a million-dollar extrajudicial settlement with the family of another minor.

The new witness confessed to a therapist in Los Angeles having had improper relations with Jackson. His revelations were informed to the authorities by the professional. The denunciation triggered the raid that on Tuesday 18 some 70 policemen made in Neverland, the ranch of the artist.


Immediately the singer, through a statement, raised a plot theory because the accusations coincide with the release of Number ones, a compilation album that was released worldwide on the 18th (see box). But Tom Sneddon, the prosecutor in charge, hastened to clarify that everything is a coincidence – it has nothing to do – and that the intention to investigate Jackson had been around for weeks.

In Chile, the journalist Víctor Gutiérrez, who lost a litigation with the singer for the book Michael Jackson was my lover, says: I’ve been trying to explain this story for 10 years, which among journalists, police and prosecutors (in the US) is something that is known. It is time for the truth to be known. And it is also a vindication to my work. The publication, which is discontinued, yesterday was transacted on the site to US $ 2,475. Beyond the data, Gutiérrez believes that justice is finally done.

The journalist from Chilevisión and Plan B, the first to link politicians with the Spiniak network in Chile, said: the minor who denounced the singer is a Latino boy who appears in the documentary Living with Michael Jackson, who caused a commotion in February. when the artist himself confessed that he slept with minors. Gutiérrez does not rule out traveling to the US to testify against Jackson since, he says, prosecutor Sneddon has tried to contact him to secure his testimony.

The revenge of the fallen king

Michael Jackson sold just 3 million copies with Invincible (2001), his last studio album. Hardly, because it is the artist who for more than 30 years has shaped the way in which pop is understood and manufactured. That is why Number One is a vindication and a way of recovering through nostalgia the place that Jackson won for classic albums like Off the Wall (1979) and Thriller (1982). Number ones summarizes 17 successes, ranging from the contagious Do not stop useful you get enough to the melodramatic Ben, plus an unpublished theme: One more chance. The release includes in parallel a DVD edition with the respective videos.

Jueves 20 de Noviembre de 2003

Jackson enfrenta un arresto y las acusaciones de un menor

El ex rey del pop acusa un complot. En Chile, el periodista Víctor Gutiérrez asegura que un niño latino sería la víctima del cantante.

Esta vez sí es cierto: Michael Jackson, el ex rey del pop, está en verdaderos problemas. El cantante se ha convertido en uno de los hombres más buscados de Estados Unidos y sólo el pago de US$ 3 millones como fianza lo librará de una eventual estadía en la cárcel, después de que se entregue a la justicia norteamericana.

Hasta el cierre de esta edición, Jackson, que arriesga hasta ocho años de cárcel, estaba en paradero desconocido, aparentemente en Las Vegas filmando un videoclip y la fiscalía de Santa Bárbara (California) le recomendaba entregarse.

El asunto es así: a sus 45 años, Jackson está acusado, una vez más, de abusos contra menores. Ahora se trata de un niño de 12 años, que estaría dispuesto a cooperar con los fiscales, a diferencia de lo que ocurrió hace 10 años, cuando hubo un millonario arreglo extrajudicial con la familia de otro menor.

El nuevo testigo confesó a una terapeuta de Los Angeles haber tenido relaciones impropias con Jackson. Sus revelaciones fueron informadas a las autoridades por la profesional. La denuncia gatilló el allanamiento que el martes 18 hicieron unos 70 policías en Neverland, el rancho del artista.


De inmediato el cantante, por medio de un comunicado, planteó una teoría de complot porque las acusaciones coinciden con el lanzamiento de Number ones, un disco compilatorio que fue editado en todo el mundo justo el 18 (ver recuadro). Pero Tom Sneddon, el fiscal a cargo, se apresuró en aclarar que todo es una coincidencia – no tiene nada que ver- y que la intención de investigar a Jackson rondaba desde hace semanas.

En Chile, el periodista Víctor Gutiérrez, que perdió un litigio con el cantante por el libro Michael Jackson fue mi amante, dice: Llevo 10 años tratando de explicar esta historia, que entre periodistas, policías y fiscales (en EE.UU.) es algo que se sabe. Es hora de que se sepa la verdad. Y también es una reivindicación a mi trabajo. La publicación, que está descontinuada, ayer se transaba en el sitio a US$ 2.475. Más allá del dato, Gutiérrez cree que al fin se hace justicia.

El periodista de Chilevisión y de Plan B, el primero que vinculó a políticos con la red Spiniak en Chile, asegura: el menor que denunció al cantante es un chico latino que aparece en el documental Living with Michael Jackson, que en febrero pasado causó conmoción cuando el propio artista confesó que dormía con menores. Gutiérrez no descarta viajar a EE.UU. para declarar en contra de Jackson ya que, dice, el fiscal Sneddon ha intentado contactarlo para asegurar su testimonio.

La revancha del rey caído

Michael Jackson vendió apenas 3 millones de copias con Invincible (2001), su último álbum de estudio. Apenas, porque se trata del artista que desde hace más de 30 años ha moldeado la manera en que se entiende y se fabrica el pop. Por eso Number ones es una reivindicación y una manera de recuperar a través de la nostalgia el sitial que Jackson se ganó por discos clásicos como Off the wall (1979) y Thriller (1982). Number ones resume 17 éxitos, que van desde la contagiosa Don’t stop til you get enough hasta la melodramática Ben, más un tema inédito: One more chance. El lanzamiento incluye paralelamente una edición en DVD con los respectivos videos.


Thursday, March 31, 2005

From California

Víctor Gutiérrez: I think that Michael Jackson will not receive a prison sentence

The Chilean expert in the case gives an interview for the first time since the trial began and advances that he could be a witness.


A month ago Chilean journalist Víctor Gutiérrez began his mornings attending the court where Michael Jackson is sitting in the dock. Go to the star every day. Presence the case live and direct in Santa María, California. The musician’s lawyer knows him: he has it between his eyes. Also the prosecutor, who has been told that much of his research is based on Chilean publications.

Gutiérrez spends the day between interviews with Jackson’s former friends, confirming data for his work on ABC, checking that everything that is broadcast on the station is error free and receiving calls from around the world to verify if this or that disclosure about the case is true. The professional has become something of a “strong man” for journalistic information in the case of the century. He has spent more than 15 years researching the star and his rare friendships with children, and his book “Michael Jackson was my lover” (see box) has been documented for years in litigation for sexual abuse of the musician.

Today that job could force him to sit in the same court to testify in the case. But he explains that his testimony could be dangerous for everyone: “My book can help both the prosecution and the defense, because I have a document where Jordie’s father (Evan Chandler, who tried to sue Jackson in 1993) asks him to negotiate first with Jackson and that if there is no money, they will only demand it, that is, the priority was money, as well as the description of Jackson’s genitals that the child made at that time. the current child (Gavin Arvizo, who also made a description), it could be presumed that with my book any child in the world can describe those genitals On the other hand, the prosecution would help things like the evidence I have that there are several witnesses They saw how Jackson was hugging the child or the child’s life diary, so they are seeing if it really suits me or not that I witness. “

-What does it mean to admit these old cases?

“The prosecutor has to prove Michael Jackson’s sexual modus operandi, that way he conquers children, which he has done for years, many do not want to testify, some say to me: ‘I am already married, I have children, I am heterosexual, I do not want to know anything about this, I could be homosexual all my life. ‘”

– What thinks the public opinion there?

“The press is just believing in this and people are already laughing at Jackson.”

– Do you think he will pay for his alleged abuses?

“No. I think popular justice is going to be worse, I think jail will not receive.”

– What do you think now that the case you have followed for years has a trial?

“It is an honor for any journalist that your information is confirmed over time.”

The key book, its author and the protagonist

“Michael Jackson was my lover” is the publication that Víctor Gutiérrez published in 1996. It is about the revelations that Jordie Chandler -an intimate 13 year old friend who had Jackson- wrote in his diary of life. The text talks about how he met him, how he fell in love with him, his first sexual relationship with the musician and other cases of children “friends” of the star. These cases are now part of the process that runs in California.

The protagonist of that book, Jordie (who is now 25 years old), does not want to declare. That’s why he went to live in Paris avoiding the court’s notification. His father Evan will speak. Also his mother. And will be used before the jury the tapes Jordie recorded with his psychiatrist when he was preadolescent. There he relates the mutual masturbations he did with the singer. For Gutiérrez, the one that Jordie does not witness is just cowardice: “This new case, of this child with cancer, needs help, and Jordie then returns the money he earned accusing Jackson.”


ACCORDING TO THE JOURNALIST, Jackson is bankrupt. In October, he has to pay US $ 300 million to the bank.

Jueves 31 de Marzo de 2005

Desde California
Víctor Gutiérrez: Creo que Michael Jackson no recibirá pena de cárcel

El chileno experto en el caso da una entrevista por primera vez desde que comenzó el juicio y adelanta que él podría ser testigo.


Hace un mes que el periodista chileno Víctor Gutiérrez inicia sus mañanas asistiendo a la corte donde Michael Jackson está sentado en el banquillo de los acusados. Ve al astro todos los días. Presencia el caso en vivo y en directo en Santa María, California. El abogado del músico lo conoce: lo tiene entre ceja y ceja. También el fiscal, de quien se ha dicho que mucha de su investigación la basa en publicaciones del chileno.

Gutiérrez pasa el día entre entrevistas con ex amigos de Jackson, confirmando datos para su trabajo en la cadena ABC, chequeando que todo lo que se transmita en la estación no tenga errores y recibiendo llamados de todo el mundo para verificar si tal o cual revelación sobre el caso es cierta. El profesional se ha convertido en algo así como un “hombre fuerte” para la información periodística en el caso del siglo. Lleva más de 15 años investigando al astro y sus raras amistades con niños, y su libro “Michael Jackson fue mi amante” (ver recuadro) ha sido documento por años en los litigios por abuso sexual del músico.

Hoy ese trabajo lo podría obligar a sentarse en la misma corte para atestiguar en el caso. Pero él explica que su testimonio podría ser peligroso para todos: “Mi libro puede ayudar tanto a la fiscalía como a la defensa. A la defensa porque tengo un documento ahí donde el padre de Jordie (Evan Chandler, quien trató de demandar a Jackson en 1993) le pide que negocie primero con Jackson y que si no hay dinero, recién ahí lo demanden. O sea, que la prioridad era dinero. También está la descripción de los genitales de Jackson que hizo el niño en esa época. Eso podría afectar al niño actual (Gavin Arvizo, quien también hizo una descripción), se podría presumir que con mi libro cualquier niño del mundo puede describir esos genitales. Por otro lado, a la fiscalía le ayudarían cosas como las evidencias que tengo de que hay varios testigos que vieron cómo Jackson abrazaba al niño o el mismo diario de vida del niño. Por eso, están viendo si les conviene realmente o no que yo atestigüe”

-¿Qué significa que se admitan estos casos antiguos?

“El fiscal tiene que probar el modus operandi sexual de Michael Jackson, esa manera cómo conquista a los niños, cosa que ha hecho durante años. Muchos no quieren testificar, algunos me dicen: ‘Yo ya estoy casado, tengo hijos, soy heterosexual, ya no quiero saber nada de esto, podría quedar como homosexual toda mi vida'”.

-¿Qué piensa la opinión pública allá?

“La prensa recién está creyendo en esto y la gente ya se ríe de Jackson”.

-¿Cree que él pagará por sus supuestos abusos?

“No. Yo creo que la justicia popular va a ser peor. Creo que cárcel no va a recibir”.

-¿Qué piensa ahora que el caso que ha seguido por años tenga un juicio?

“Es un honor para cualquier periodista que tu información se confirme en el tiempo”.

El libro clave, su autor y el protagonista

“Michael Jackson fue mi amante” es la publicación que Víctor Gutiérrez editó en 1996. Se trata de las revelaciones que Jordie Chandler -un ex amigo íntimo de 13 años que tenía Jackson- escribió en su diario de vida. El texto habla de cómo lo conoció, de cómo se enamoró de él, de su primera relación sexual con el músico y de otros casos de niños “amigos” del astro. Esos casos son ahora parte del proceso que corre en California.

El protagonista de ese libro, Jordie (que hoy tiene 25 años), no quiere declarar. Por eso se fue a vivir a París evitando la notificación de la corte. Su padre Evan sí hablará. También su madre. Y se usarán ante el jurado las cintas que Jordie grabó junto a su siquiatra cuando era preadolescente. Ahí relata las masturbaciones mutuas que hacía con el cantante. Para Gutiérrez, el que Jordie no atestigüe es sólo cobardía: “Este nuevo caso, de este niño con cáncer, necesita ayuda. Que Jordie entonces devuelva la plata que ganó acusando a Jackson”.


SEGÚN el periodista, Jackson está en bancarrota. En octubre tiene que pagar US$ 300 millones al banco.


5. 4. 2005

It was love! “

The trial of Michael Jackson is now about Jordie Chandler (13), who had waived $ 25 million in a lawsuit against Jackson. The journalist Víctor Gutiérrez has published the boy’s diary


“Michael Jackson is a pedophile,” says Víctor Gutiérrez, “without a doubt.” We have an appointment in the lobby of the Hollywood Hilton. The 40-year-old journalist sits on the edge of the sofa wearing a black jacket, jeans and glasses. He puts his book on the glass table in front of us. There are only a few copies in circulation, at Amazon they cost between $ 300 and $ 1,000. The title: “Michael Jackson was my lover”.

Gutiérrez has been researching since the late eighties. He came close to reality threatening. Jackson’s dreaded “private investigator,” Anthony Pellicano, threatened him with death. He spent many years outside the United States. “The nineties were very hard for me,” says Gutiérrez. The title of the book contains a picture of Michael Jackson. It shows the “King of Pop” in the striped pajamas with black hat, little make-up. The photo was shot by Jordie Chandler, in his nursery where Jackson spent the night for weeks. Gutiérrez’s book is largely based on the diary written by 13-year-old Jordie during his relationship with Jackson. What stands on the 215 pages is very clear, very intimate. Michael Jackson and Jordie Chandler are said to have been a couple from February to July 1993. And they had sex.

Monday was the turning point in the trial of Michael Jackson last week. Judge Rodney Melville decided that the prosecution was allowed to report to the jury about Jackson’s earlier friendships in the 1990s. So there will be names like Emmanuel Lewis, Jonathan Spence, Sean Lennon, Wade Robson, Albert von Thurn and Taxis, Jimmy Safechuck, Macaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, Cory Feldman, Edward and Frank Cascio – and Jordie Chandler. They were all little boys, 10 to 13 years old. They were very pretty. They were close to Michael Jackson. And are dangerous to him now. Melville’s decision will significantly delay the process, perhaps until the fall. And with each passing day, Jackson’s chances for an acquittal will dwindle dramatically.

Jackson as a hero of the pedophiles

Víctor Gutiérrez grows up in Chile. He works for a newspaper in Santiago, writes about politics and human rights. The first time he comes to the United States in 1984. In Los Angeles, the Olympic Games are held, Gutiérrez is accredited as a photographer. He does not travel back to his country, which is ruled by Pinochet. “The American Dream was too tempting,” he says. He quickly finds work at a Spanish newspaper in L.A., becomes a police reporter.

In 1986 he is to report from a congress of the North American Man Boy Love Association. The so-called Nambla originated in the late 1970s. Initially promoted by Gore Vidal and Allen Ginsberg, the “Generation Relationship Supporter Group” was quickly isolated from the rest of the gay movement. At the congress Gutiérrez hears for the first time: “Michael is one of us.” A pedophile. “Jackson was traded there as an idol, as a hope for social acceptance.”

Gutiérrez quits his job at the newspaper, talks to Jackson’s employees, interviews the first boys. Soon he will run out of money for the research. He sells his car, saves on food. He learns: There are different types of pedophiles; she is as old as humanity; not all of their varieties are terrible crimes. Víctor Gutiérrez says: “In the five months of their relationship, Michael Jackson and Jordie Chandler were happy. It was love. “

August 23, 1993, a Monday, is D-Day. The world learns: Michael Jackson is said to have abused a child. Howard Weitzman, Jackson’s lawyer, calls Michael in Thailand and brings him the bad news. “Everyone in the world knows that I love children. I did not hurt anyone, “is Jackson’s reaction. He throws vases against the wall, refuses to eat.

The parents deserve it well

The media are doing their business. Soon the boy’s name is on all sides: Jordan Christopher Chandler, born January 11, 1980. A slender, dark-haired boy whose parents divorced when he was five. Separate parents are a constant in almost all Jackson’s young friends. In all cases, especially at Jordie’s, the parents play the most inglorious role. Out of greed for fame and money, they are willingly blind. “In America, I’ve learned what stage parents are,” said Gutiérrez – parents who haul their children to singing competitions and seek out stars.

Against Cartier watches, credits, travel and attention, Jordie’s parents overlook the fact that her 13-year-old son sleeps for weeks with his almost three times as old friend in his cot. The escalation occurs because Jackson refuses to buy the scripts Chandler’s father has written. Angry informs the authorities, initiates the civil suit.

When Jackson learns of the diary’s existence, he signs a bizarre contract with Jordie to stop the proceedings. He pays 25 million dollars in several stages, one million of which to the parents. Jordie agrees not to speak publicly about Jackson, to withdraw the lawsuit. If he breaks his silence, the money must be repaid. Since the prosecutor had already arranged and performed nude photos of Jackson. The anatomical details coincide with the descriptions Jordies.

Víctor Gutiérrez speaks calmly, with a Spanish accent. He answers all questions, only one does not. He does not want to say how he got the diary. But on the first page is: “For Jordie. Thank you for your courage. ” Jordie Chandler is now 25, currently hiding from the media. In recent years, he lived in New York with his friend, an investment banker. “Jordie was very reflective of his age back then. He is very smart and sensitive, “says Gutiérrez. It was Jackson’s most intense relationship. “In the beginning, Michael did not know what was going on with him. It was not until the nineties over the internet that he learned more about pedophiles, “says Gutiérrez.

Why does not one of the boys speak out, accusing or defending? Apart from Macaulay Culkin, no one has publicly sided with Jackson. “Everyone is scared,” says Gutierrez. No longer before Michael and his power, but before public opinion. “It’s about homosexuality,” says Gutiérrez, “nobody wants to be the gay Jackson boy.” His thesis: Had Madonna an affair or love affair with a minor, it would be a far less scandal. In the schoolyard the boy would be a hero. As a lover of Jackson’s a dude.

“In a hundred years, such relationships may be socially recognized,” says Gutiérrez. The story reminds him of Oscar Wilde and his young lover Bosi. When Gutiérrez, himself a heterosexual, 1995 looking for a publisher for his book, he gets to hear he glamorize pedophilia. He publishes a Spanish version in Chile. He himself translates the English translation into small bookstores in Los Angeles. Michael Jackson never complains against the work. Its employees swarm and buy every copy that comes into their hands.

But in the same year, 1995, Víctor Gutiérrez makes a mistake. As a guest on the TV show “Hardcopy”, he tells host Diane Diamond about a video showing Michael Jackson having oral sex with his nephew Jeremy, son of his brother Jermaine. A mother showed him the video. Michael Jackson reacts quickly and hard, he sued Gutiérrez for 100 million dollars. The mother denies ever having spoken to Gutiérrez. Jackson had never abused her son. Gutiérrez can not prove the existence of the band. The jury sentenced him to a compensation of $ 2.7 million. Gutiérrez is at an end, goes bankrupt and flees to Chile.

He has been back in Los Angeles since 2003, earning money from history for the first time. NBC hired him as a consultant. The production company “Rituals World of Wonder” has optioned the book. Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, who have just come up with the documentary “Inside Deep Throat” and earlier with the Macaulay-Culkin comeback “Party Monster” are currently writing a script. In the conversation for the role of journalist Gutiérrez is Danny de Vito.

Es war Liebe!“

Im Prozess gegen Michael Jackson soll es nun auch um Jordie Chandler (13) gehen, der für 25 Millionen Dollar auf eine Klage gegen Jackson verzichtet hatte. Der Journalist Víctor Gutiérrez hat das Tagebuch des Jungen veröffentlicht


„Michael Jackson ist ein Pädophiler“, sagt Víctor Gutiérrez, „ohne Zweifel.“ Wir sind verabredet in der Lobby des Hollywood Hilton. Der 40-jährige Journalist sitzt auf der Sofakante, trägt schwarzes Sakko, Jeans, Brille. Er legt sein Buch auf den Glastisch vor uns. Es sind nur wenige Exemplare im Umlauf, bei Amazon kosten sie zwischen 300 und 1.000 Dollar. Der Titel: „Michael Jackson was my lover“.

Gutiérrez hat seit Ende der Achtzigerjahre recherchiert. Er ist der Wirklichkeit bedrohlich nahe gekommen. Jacksons gefürchteter „privater Ermittler“, Anthony Pellicano, bedrohte ihn mit dem Tod. Lange Jahre musste er außerhalb der USA verbringen. „Die Neunziger waren sehr hart für mich“, sagt Gutiérrez. Auf dem Titel des Buches ist ein Bild von Michael Jackson abgedruckt. Es zeigt den „King of Pop“ im längs gestreiften Pyjama mit schwarzem Hut, wenig Make-up. Geschossen hat das Foto Jordie Chandler, in seinem Kinderzimmer, wo Jackson wochenlang übernachtete. Gutiérrez’ Buch basiert in weiten Teilen auf dem Tagebuch, das der damals 13-jährige Jordie während seiner Beziehung mit Jackson schrieb. Was auf den 215 Seiten steht, ist sehr eindeutig, sehr intim. Michael Jackson und Jordie Chandler, heißt es, waren von Februar bis Juli 1993 ein Paar. Und sie hatten Sex.

Montag vergangener Woche war der Wendepunkt im Prozess gegen Michael Jackson. Richter Rodney Melville entschied, die Anklage dürfe der Jury über frühere Freundschaften Jacksons aus den Neunzigerjahren berichten. Es werden also Namen fallen wie Emmanuel Lewis, Jonathan Spence, Sean Lennon, Wade Robson, Albert von Thurn und Taxis, Jimmy Safechuck, Macaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, Cory Feldman, Edward und Frank Cascio – und Jordie Chandler. Sie alle waren kleine Jungs, 10 bis 13 Jahre alt. Sie waren ausgesprochen hübsch. Sie waren Michael Jackson nahe. Und sind ihm jetzt gefährlich. Melvilles Entscheidung wird den Prozess erheblich verzögern, vielleicht bis in den Herbst. Und mit jedem Tag werden Jacksons Chancen für einen Freispruch dramatisch schwinden.

Jackson als Held der Pädophilen

Víctor Gutiérrez wächst in Chile auf. Er arbeitet für eine Zeitung in Santiago, schreibt über Politik und Menschenrechte. Zum ersten Mal in die USA kommt er 1984. In Los Angeles finden die Olympischen Spiele statt, Gutiérrez ist als Fotograf akkreditiert. Er reist nicht mehr zurück in sein Land, das von Pinochet regiert wird. „Der American Dream war zu verlockend“, sagt er. Schnell findet er Arbeit bei einer spanischen Zeitung in L. A., wird Polizeireporter.

1986 soll er von einem Kongress der North American Man Boy Love Association berichten. Die so genannte Nambla entstand Ende der Siebzigerjahre. Zunächst wurde die „Unterstützergruppe für Beziehungen zwischen den Generationen“ prominent von Gore Vidal und Allen Ginsberg gefördert, dann schnell von der übrigen Schwulenbewegung isoliert. Auf dem Kongress hört Gutiérrez zum ersten Mal: „Michael ist einer von uns.“ Ein Pädophiler. „Jackson wurde dort als Idol gehandelt, als Hoffnung auf gesellschaftliche Akzeptanz.“

Gutiérrez kündigt seinen Job bei der Zeitung, spricht mit Angestellten Jacksons, interviewt die ersten Jungen. Bald geht ihm das Geld für die Recherche aus. Er verkauft sein Auto, spart am Essen. Er lernt: Es gibt verschiedene Arten von Pädophile; sie ist so alt wie die Menschheit; nicht alle ihre Spielarten sind schreckliche Verbrechen. Víctor Gutiérrez sagt: „In den fünf Monaten ihrer Beziehung waren Michael Jackson und Jordie Chandler glücklich. Es war Liebe.“

Der 23. August 1993, ein Montag, ist D-Day. Die Welt erfährt: Michael Jackson soll ein Kind missbraucht haben. Howard Weitzman, Jacksons Anwalt, ruft Michael in Thailand an und überbringt ihm die schlechte Nachricht. „Jeder in der Welt weiß, dass ich Kinder liebe. Ich habe niemand verletzt“, ist Jacksons Reaktion. Er wirft Vasen gegen die Wand, weigert sich zu essen.

Die Eltern verdienen gut daran

Die Medien erledigen ihr Geschäft. Bald steht der Name des Jungen auf allen Seiten: Jordan Christopher Chandler, geboren am 11. Januar 1980. Ein schlanker, dunkelhaariger Junge, dessen Eltern sich scheiden ließen, als er fünf war. Getrennte Eltern sind eine Konstante bei fast allen jungen Freunden Jacksons. In allen Fällen, besonders extrem bei Jordie, nehmen die Eltern die unrühmlichste Rolle ein. Aus Gier nach Ruhm und Geld sind sie bereitwillig blind. „In Amerika habe ich gelernt, was stage parents sind“, so Gutiérrez – Eltern, die ihre Kinder zu Singwettbewerben schleppen und die Nähe von Stars suchen.

Gegen Cartier-Uhren, Kredite, Reisen und Aufmerksamkeit übersehen Jordies Eltern, dass ihr 13-jähriger Sohn wochenlang mit seinem fast dreimal so alten Freund in seinem Kinderbett schläft. Zur Eskalation kommt es, weil sich Jackson weigert, die Drehbücher zu kaufen, die Chandlers Vater geschrieben hat. Wütend informiert dieser die Behörden, leitet die Zivilklage ein.

Als Jackson von der Existenz des Tagebuchs erfährt, schließt er einen bizarren Vertrag mit Jordie, um die Eröffnung des Verfahrens zu stoppen. Er bezahlt in mehreren Etappen 25 Millionen Dollar, je eine Million davon an die Eltern. Jordie verpflichtet sich, nicht öffentlich über Jackson zu sprechen, die Klage zurückzuziehen. Bricht er sein Schweigen, muss das Geld zurückgezahlt werden. Da hatte die Staatsanwaltschaft bereits Nacktaufnahmen von Jackson angeordnet und durchgeführt. Die anatomischen Details decken sich mit den Beschreibungen Jordies.

Víctor Gutiérrez spricht unaufgeregt, mit spanischem Akzent. Er beantwortet alle Fragen, nur eine nicht. Wie er an das Tagebuch kam, will, darf er nicht sagen. Doch auf der ersten Seite steht: „Für Jordie. Danke für deinen Mut“. Jordie Chandler ist inzwischen 25, zurzeit versteckt vor den Medien. In den letzten Jahren lebte er zusammen mit seinem Freund, einem Investmentbanker, in New York. „Jordie war damals für sein Alter sehr reflektiert. Er ist sehr klug und sensibel“, sagt Gutiérrez. Es war Jacksons intensivste Beziehung. „Am Anfang wusste Michael nicht, was mit ihm los ist. Erst in den Neunzigern über das Internet erfuhr er mehr über Pädophile“, meint Gutiérrez.

Warum meldet sich keiner der Jungen zu Wort, anklagend oder verteidigend? Außer Macaulay Culkin hat keiner öffentlich für Jackson Partei ergriffen. „Alle haben Angst“, sagt Gutierrez. Nicht mehr vor Michael und dessen Macht, sondern vor der öffentlichen Meinung. „Es geht um Homosexualität“, meint Gutiérrez, „niemand möchte der schwule Jackson-Junge sein.“ Seine These: Hätte Madonna eine Affäre oder Liebesbeziehung mit einem Minderjährigen, es wäre ein weit geringerer Skandal. Auf dem Schulhof wäre der Junge ein Held. Als Geliebter Jacksons eine Tunte.

„In hundert Jahren sind solche Beziehungen vielleicht gesellschaftlich anerkannt“, sagt Gutiérrez. Die Geschichte erinnert ihn an Oscar Wilde und dessen jungen Liebhaber Bosi. Als Gutiérrez, selbst heterosexuell, 1995 nach einem Verlag für sein Buch sucht, bekommt er zu hören, er glamourisiere Pädophilie. Er veröffentlicht eine spanische Version in Chile. Die englische Übersetzung trägt er selbst in kleine Buchläden in Los Angeles. Michael Jackson klagt nie gegen das Werk. Seine Mitarbeiter schwärmen aus und kaufen jedes Exemplar, das ihnen in die Hände kommt.

Doch im gleichen Jahr, 1995, macht Víctor Gutiérrez einen Fehler. Zu Gast in der Fernsehshow „Hardcopy“, erzählt er Moderatorin Diane Diamond von einem Video, auf dem Michael Jackson beim oralen Sex mit seinen Neffen Jeremy, dem Sohn seines Bruders Jermaine, zu sehen sei. Eine Mutter habe ihm das Video gezeigt. Michael Jackson reagiert schnell und hart, er verklagt Gutiérrez auf 100 Millionen Dollar. Die Mutter bestreitet, je mit Gutiérrez gesprochen zu haben. Auch habe Jackson nie ihren Sohn missbraucht. Gutiérrez kann die Existenz des Bandes nicht beweisen. Die Jury verurteilte ihn zu einer Schadenersatzzahlung von 2,7 Millionen Dollar. Gutiérrez ist am Ende, macht Bankrott und flüchtet nach Chile.

Seit 2003 ist er zurück in Los Angeles und verdient zum ersten Mal Geld mit der Geschichte. NBC hat ihn als Berater engagiert. Die Produktionsfirma „Rituale World of Wonder“ hat das Buch optioniert. Randy Barbato und Fenton Bailey, die gerade mit dem Dokumentarfilm „Inside Deep Throat“ und zuvor mit dem Macaulay-Culkin-Comeback „Party Monster“ aufgefallen sind, schreiben zurzeit an einem Drehbuch. Im Gespräch für die Rolle des Journalisten Gutiérrez ist Danny de Vito.



Journalist affirmed that the thing in the court is very hairy for the domino interpreter of “Dangerous”
Víctor Gutiérrez: “I think Michael Jackson wants to commit suicide”
The journalist said there are about 30 cases that are not yet known, because the victims do not want to be disturbed

Alberto Brieba L

“When I saw him in the courts, he pointed me out, and I was really scared, I almost screwed up whole, mine is the only demand that Michael Jackson has made in his life.”
With that revelation Víctor Gutiérrez, the Creole journalist who was the first to shout the bad steps in which the gringo interpreter was walking, began the chat with La Cuarta about how he has lived the trial against the pop star for alleged child abuse. , who now works for the ABC chain, also took advantage of reaffirming his statements about “Jackson is not the father of his children.” And he explained at length why: “It’s impossible for the children to come out blonde and blue-eyed, and he offered the mother a million dollars to not talk, but since he does not pay them, they started arguing.”

– How are you running the trial now?

– The thing has become complicated for Jackson because many specific sexual details have come to light. I think Jackson wants to commit suicide because his options to defend himself are running out.

– Are there more cases of abuse against Jackson?

– Sure, there are about 30 children, more and more appear. I have interviewed many of them and they tell me that they do not want to become known because they are afraid of being treated badly on the street and their friends call them homosexuals.
Along with walking around the “De Pé a Pá”, Víctor Gutiérrez said he also came to clarify certain blunders he has seen in what is reported of the case by following: “They confused Jordie Chandler (minor of which Gutierrez wrote his testimony of the abuses that Jackson), they said that the singer was winning his trial, and that the lawyers were treating liars to some children, all that is false. ”

– How is the Arvizo case currently?

– There were private investigators who persecuted Arvizo in the school. All these children are intimidated, even parents are scared, they are reminded that they have been paid money to not speak, they have also been threatened.
Your libraco
The demand placed by Jackson Gutiérrez was for the book “Michael Jackson was my lover: Jordie Chandler’s diary”.

– How did you come to investigate an idol like Jackson?

– I learned about a pedophile organization that meets once a year. I made a report of them, which is called Nambla and belongs to the North American Man / boy Love Association, where it emerged that Jackson was a pedophile. I started to check the data, I wrote the book, but nobody believed me. I went hungry and everyone thought I was crazy.

– How do you think Jackson sees you today?

– He knows that most of the television hits that come out against him, I made them. It is clear that I have also worked with Martín Bashir, who made a documentary against him and that I will not get tired of bloating his balls.
Mother stated that for the gift she allowed her son to stay with the artist: Changed bracelet by sex
The mother of a child who in 1993 accused Michael Jackson of sexual annoyance and who claimed a compensation of 20 million dollars, stated that his son admitted to having slept several times in the bed of the singer.
June Chandler, a woman of Asian origin whose son was 10 years old at the time of the lawsuit against the “Domino”, acknowledged that he received a gold bracelet from the singer after having authorized the boy to spend a night at his house.
The story of Chandler is the latest in a series of testimonies that threaten to complicate the former king of pop in the trial that is followed in California for alleged pedophilia.
The two most serious statements were the former bodyguard, who claimed to have seen Jackson perform oral sex on a child, and that of his former cook, who narrated that the singer put his hands on the slip of Macaulay Culkin, the actor of ” My poor little angel, “when he spent a night in his Neverland residence.

Periodista afirmó que la cosa en la corte está muy peluda para el dominó intérprete de “Dangerous”
Víctor Gutiérrez: “Creo que Michael Jackson quiere suicidarse”
El periodista parló que existen cerca de 30 casos que todavía no se conocen, porque las víctimas no quieren que los molesten
Alberto Brieba L

“Cuando lo vi en los tribunales me apuntó, y me dio mucho miedo. Casi me cagué entero. La mía es la única demanda que ha hecho Michael Jackson en su vida”.

Con esa revelación Víctor Gutiérrez, el periodista criollo quien fue el primero en gritar los malos pasos en los que andaba el intérprete gringo, inició el chachareo con La Cuarta sobre cómo ha vivido el juicio contra la estrella del pop por presunto abuso de menores El profesional, quien ahora trabaja para la cadena gringa ABC, también aprovechó de reafirmar sus dichos sobre que “Jackson no es el padre de sus hijos”. Y explicó extensamente el porqué: “Es imposible que los niños le hayan salido rubios y de ojos azules. Además, le ofreció un millón de dólares a la madre para que no hablara, pero como no les paga, se pusieron a alegar”.

-¿Cómo cachas que está el juicio actualmente?

– La cosa se ha puesto complicada para Jackson porque han salido a la luz muchos detalles específicamente sexuales. Creo que Jackson tiene ganas de suicidarse ya se le están agotando las opciones de defenderse.

-¿Existen más casos de abusos contra Jackson?

– Claro, hay cerca de 30 niños, cada vez aparecen más. A muchos los he entrevistado y me dicen que no quieren hacerse conocidos porque les da miedo que los traten mal en la calle y sus amigos los tilden de homosexuales.


Junto con darse una vuelta por el “De Pé a Pá”, Víctor Gutiérrez piteó que también vino para aclarar ciertas pifias que ha visto en lo que se informa del caso por acato: “Confundían a Jordie Chandler (menor del que Gutiérrez escribió su testimonio de los abusos que Jackson), decían que el cantante iba ganando su juicio, y que los abogados trataban de mentirosos a algunos niños. Todo eso es falso”.

-¿Cómo sigue el caso de Arvizo actualmente?

– Hubo investigadores privados que perseguían a Arvizo en el colegio. Todos esos niños son intimidados, incluso a los padres los asustan, les recuerdan que les pagaron dinero para que no hablen, también han sido amenazados.

Su libraco

La demanda que le colocó Jackson a Gutiérrez fue por el libro “Michael Jackson fue mi amante: El diario de Jordie Chandler”.

-¿Cómo se te ocurrió investigar a un ídolo como Jackson?

– Supe el dato de una organización de pedófilos que se reune una vez al año. Hice un reportaje de ellos, que se llama Nambla y pertenece al North American Man/boy Love Association, donde salía que Jackson era pedófilo. Me puse a comprobar el dato, escribí el libro, pero nadie me creyó. Pasé hambre y todos pensaban que estaba loco.

-¿Cómo crees que te ve Jackson hoy en día?

– Sabe que la mayoría de los golpes televisivos que salen contra él, los he hecho yo. Tiene claro que además he trabajado con Martín Bashir, quien hizo un documental contra él y que no me voy a cansar de hincharle las pelotas.

Madre declaró que por el regalo permitió a su hijo quedarse con el artista: Cambió pulsera por sexo

La madre de un niño que en 1993 acusó a Michael Jackson de molestias sexuales y que cobró una indemnización por 20 millones de dólares, declaró que su hijo admitió haber dormido varias veces en la cama del cantante.


June Chandler, una mujer de origen asiático cuyo hijo tenía 10 años en la época de la demanda contra el “Dominó” , reconoció que recibió una pulsera de oro del cantante luego de haber autorizado a que el niño pasara una noche en su casa.

La historia de Chandler es la última de una serie de testimonios que amenazan con complicar al ex rey del pop en el juicio que se le sigue en California por supuesta pedofilia.

Las dos declaraciones más graves fueron la del ex guardaespaldas, quien aseguró haber visto a Jackson practicar sexo oral a un niño, y la de su ex cocinero, quien narró que el cantante puso las manos en el slip de Macaulay Culkin, el actor de “Mi pobre angelito”, cuando pasó una noche en su residencia de Neverland.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005


If Jackson goes free, he would go live in France
According to the specialized press of the case, Jermaine Jackson, one of the brothers accused of child sexual abuse, Michael, would be making contacts to move the king of pop out of the United States. Everything, if the musician is declared free. Europe or even Africa are the destinations that are being considered. This is how the journalist Víctor Gutiérrez, who is in Santa María, California, works for ABC. “France is the best option,” he says, “because there is no extradition with the United States for sexual abuse, Roman Polansky went to France, and if someone else demands it, he would not have a trial here.”

Meanwhile, the case was one of his last testimonies yesterday: that of comedian Jay Leno (pictured). He testified in favor of the musician and said that Gavin Arvizo was a suspect: “When a young person is so effusive, it sounds suspicious.”

Miércoles 25 de Mayo de 2005


Si Jackson sale libre, se iría a vivir a Francia

Según la prensa especializada del caso, Jermaine Jackson, uno de los hermanos del acusado por abuso sexual a menores, Michael, estaría haciendo contactos para trasladar al rey del pop fuera de EE.UU. Todo, si es que el músico es declarado libre. Europa o incluso África son los destinos que se barajan. Así lo comenta el periodista Víctor Gutiérrez, quien está en Santa María, California, trabajando para ABC. “Francia es la mejor opción”, dice, “porque no hay extradición con Estados Unidos por abusos sexuales. Roman Polansky se fue a Francia. Si alguien más lo demanda, no tendría un juicio acá”.

En tanto, el caso vivió ayer uno de sus últimos testimonios: el del comediante Jay Leno (en la foto). Él atestiguo a favor del músico y dijo que Gavin Arvizo era sospechoso: “Cuando una persona joven es tan efusiva, suena sospechoso”.


Case for sexual abuse:
Víctor Gutiérrez works with the journalist who uncovered Jackson

The Chilean is an adviser to Martin Bashir, the Briton who made the documentary where the star admits that he slept with children.


When no one imagined that Michael Jackson could have sexual deviations with children, FBI agents passed a list of famous Los Angeles pedophiles to Chilean journalist Víctor Gutiérrez in California. Among them was Jackson.

Gutiérrez, who at that time worked in the American Red Chronicle, became interested. He contacted a private investigator, gathered 36 cases and began visiting Jackson’s victims one by one. Afterwards, he wrote a book, “Michael Jackson was my lover”.

Jackson sued him. A security chief of the king of pop threatened him with death, too. But Gutiérrez continued to investigate. In 1993, the first case of sexual abuse against Jackson, that of the minor Chandler, came out. Gutiérrez was beginning to be right. He managed to publish his book, and even the American police used it as a document.

In 2004, the Chilean journalist went to work for the NBC network in the United States in reports about the Jackson case. But in December of that year, another TV station, ABC, contacted him to advise the journalist who managed with his investigation to get Jackson to court: Martin Bashir. This British journalist was the one who got Michael Jackson to admit that he had slept with children.

Gutiérrez, who here uncovered the case “Colmillo Blanco” on the rearticulation of the Joint Command in 2002, has since officiated as an advisory producer for Bashir. At the ABC offices in New York they explain that the Chilean works with an exclusive contract for the English journalist and is one of his four direct collaborators. The Chilean will also collaborate with the famous ABC news program “20/20” and will continue in the Jackson case, a scandal that he discovered more than 10 years ago.

Caso por abuso sexual:
Víctor Gutiérrez trabaja con el periodista que destapó a Jackson

El chileno es asesor de Martin Bashir, el británico que hizo el documental donde el astro admite que dormía con niños.


Cuando nadie imaginaba que Michael Jackson podía tener desviaciones sexuales con niños, unos agentes del FBI le pasaban en California al periodista chileno Víctor Gutiérrez una lista de pedófilos famosos de Los Angeles. Entre ellos figuraba Jackson.

Gutiérrez, que en ese tiempo trabajaba en crónica roja norteamericana, se interesó. Contactó a un investigador privado, reunió 36 casos y empezó a visitar a las víctimas de Jackson una a una. Después, escribió un libro, “Michael Jackson fue mi amante”.

Jackson lo demandó. Un jefe de seguridad del rey del pop lo amenazó de muerte, además. Pero Gutiérrez continuó investigando. En 1993 salió el primer caso de abuso sexual contra Jackson, el del menor Chandler. Gutiérrez comenzaba a tener razón. Logró publicar su libro, y hasta la policía norteamericana lo usó como documento.

En 2004, el periodista chileno se fue a trabajar a la cadena NBC de Estados Unidos en reportajes sobre el caso Jackson. Pero en diciembre de ese año, otra cadena de TV, ABC, lo contactó para asesorar al periodista que logró con su investigación que Jackson llegara a tribunales: Martin Bashir. Este periodista británico fue el que consiguió que Michael Jackson le admitiera que había dormido con niños.

Gutiérrez, que aquí destapó el caso “Colmillo Blanco” sobre la rearticulación del Comando Conjunto en 2002, oficia desde entonces como productor asesor para Bashir. En las oficinas de ABC en Nueva York explican que el chileno trabaja con contrato de exclusividad para el periodista inglés y es uno de sus cuatro colaboradores directos. El chileno además colaborará con el famoso programa de actualidad de ABC “20/20” y seguirá en el caso Jackson, un escándalo que él descubrió hace más de 10 años.

El curso del caso

Martin Bashir es un testigo más dentro del caso Michael Jackson. Víctor Gutiérrez (en la foto) es su asesor de investigación. Bashir y su equipo ya han hecho dos reportajes, uno de ellos fue la entrevista con el actor Corey Feldman, quien dijo que Jackson le había mostrado un libro de desnudos. Feldman también será citado a declarar. En tanto, el caso se reanudó ayer. Y un hermano menor del acusador, Gavin Arvizo, dio su testimonio: dijo que el astro le mostró sitios pornográficos en internet.


Víctor Gutiérrez sees “unlikely” that Michael Jackson goes to jail

Published: Monday, June 6, 2005 at 3:35 pm.


The Chilean journalist believes that the jury, composed mostly of humble people, will yield to pressure and influence and will not condemn the singer for accusations of child sexual abuse.

The journalist Víctor Gutiérrez assured that it is “unlikely” that the jury will sentence Michael Jackson to prison terms, a prognosis that according to him is shared by most of the professionals who cover the case of presumed child sexual abuse.

The author of the book “Michael Jackson was my lover: Jordie Chandler’s diary” believes that “it is very unlikely that the jury will take responsibility for the life of Michael Jackson and send him to jail. those of us here, waiting for this verdict. “

“We do not believe that they send Michael Jackson to jail.” Here the celebrities, as in many parts of the world, both millionaires and celebrities, nothing happens to them, “he said in an interview with Libre Acceso.

The Chilean professional said “there are three juries that have all the teeth, the others do not have them and that is a way of expressing themselves in the United States, that they are not very prepared people, especially to understand cases of sexual abuse and to understand cases of crimes. “

“It’s something that the American judicial system has not been able to improve … It’s very humble people who are facing very big lawyers and a press,” added Gutiérrez, who believes that the interpreter of “Billie Jean” will only be sentenced for the charges of supplying alcohol to a child, and author of undue hardship, minor penalties that will force him to initiate treatment and perform community work.

Consulted by his collaboration in the script of the film that will narrate the case of Jordie Chandler, a young man who allegedly was abused in his childhood by Michael Jackson, but that his family did not present charges when arriving at a millionaire extrajudicial agreement, the Chilean professional that it will be a “pretty strong movie”, in which “people will be able to see through the screen what happened”.

The interpreter of “Bad” and “Thriller”, 46, is being tried on 10 charges including four counts of sexual abuse of a minor, one of attempted abuse and one of conspiring to hold the plaintiff and his family against his will .

In addition, he is accused of four other charges of providing alcohol to a minor, although the judge reduced the accusation by eliminating the sexual intent in this act.

Jackson has pleaded not guilty to all charges and is on bail for three million dollars. The case passed last Friday, June 3, at the hands of the jury for its deliberation.

If convicted of all charges, the sentence can reach 20 years in prison.

Víctor Gutiérrez ve “poco probable” que Michael Jackson vaya a la cárcel


Lunes, 6 de Junio de 2005 a las 15:35hrs.


El periodista chileno cree que el jurado, integrado en su mayoría por personas humildes, cederá a presiones e influencias y no condenará al cantante por las acusaciones de abuso sexual infantil.

El periodista Víctor Gutiérrez aseguró que es “poco probable” que el jurado condene a penas de cárcel a Michael Jackson, pronóstico que según él es compartido por la mayoría de los profesionales que cubren el caso de presunto abuso sexual infantil.

 El autor del libro “Michael Jackson fue mi amante: El diario de Jordie Chandler” estima que “es muy poco probable que el jurado se haga responsable de la vida de Michael Jackson y lo mande a una cárcel. Es lo que vemos la mayoría de los que estamos aquí, esperando este veredicto”.

 “No creemos que manden a la cárcel a Michael Jackson. Aquí los famosos, como en muchas partes del mundo, tanto a los millonarios como a los famosos no les pasa nada”, indicó en entrevista con Libre Acceso.

 El profesional chileno sostuvo “hay como tres jurados que tienen todos los dientes, los otros no los tienen y esa es una forma de expresarse en Estados Unidos, de que no es gente muy preparada, especialmente para entender casos de abuso sexual y para entender casos de crímenes”.

 “Es algo que el sistema judicial norteamericano no ha podido mejorar (…). Es gente muy humilde que está enfrentándose a abogados muy grandes y a una prensa”, agregó Gutiérez, quien cree que el intérprete de “Billie Jean” sólo será condenado por los cargos de suministrar alcohol a un niño, y autor de tocaciones indebidas, penas menores que le obligarán a iniciar un tratamiento y a realizar trabajo comunitario.

 Consultado por su colaboración en el guión de la cinta que narrará el caso de Jordie Chandler, un joven que presuntamente fue abusado en su infancia por Michael Jackson, pero que su familia no presentó cargos al llegar a un millonario acuerdo extrajudicial, el profesional chileno señaló que será una “película bastante fuerte”, en la que “la gente va a poder ver a través la pantalla que es lo que ocurrió”.

 El intérprete de “Bad” y “Thriller”, de 46 años, está siendo juzgado por 10 cargos que incluyen cuatro de abuso sexual de un menor, uno de intento de abuso y uno de conspirar para retener al demandante y a su familia contra su voluntad.

 Además, está acusado de otros cuatro cargos de suministrar alcohol a un menor, aunque el juez redujo la acusación al eliminar la intención sexual en este acto.

 Jackson se ha declarado inocente de todos los cargos y se encuentra en libertad bajo fianza de tres millones de dólares. El caso pasó el pasado viernes 3 de junio a manos del jurado para su deliberación.

 De ser declarado culpable de todos los cargos, la sentencia puede llegar a los 20 años de cárcel.


After the “Not Guilty” verdict:
The tasks that are left to Jackson for his return

The musician has been demanded by music businessmen from all over the world. Your credibility is on the ground.


Michael Jackson is free, celebrating and ringing innocent before the world. Since the verdict that the court in California failed on Monday 13, that its future musical plans are projected in the press as bets. “It will be difficult,” says “The New York Times,” because it postulates that the musician will have a hard time getting up after liquidating his career long before the trial. However US $ 80 million is what Donald Trump speculates to raise if Jackson agrees to reappear in their casinos in Las Vegas. More figures or less predictions, the musician has stages to fulfill if he wants to reign again in pop. Here a look.

1 Reconcile with the industry. The musician was plagued by the lawsuits after the scandal he starred in 1993 for another bully case of sexual abuse. Added to this were his unpredictable temperament and back diseases, translated into unexpected cancellations of shows all over the world. The industry, therefore, resents him. “It’s an uphill task,” the music business lawyer who guides Prince’s career, Londell McMillan, told the US press on whether Jackson could regain his credibility.

It transpired that the performer charged -until his last tour in 1997- US $ 1 million per concert (not counting stays). However, the insurance that covers these events reaches up to double or triple that money. It is a special figure, because the producers know that the musician has a reputation of throwing away his shows when he wants or when a scandal pursues him.

2 Close the case well: revenge. Thomas Mesereau, the musician’s star lawyer, is collecting everything that Jackson was seized in the raids on Neverland. Passport, photographs of his genitals, hard drives of his computers and pornographic magazines are the materials that Jackson wants back. And more, to improve his image, the musician will go in his “witch house” with some international press. In particular: Martin Bashir, of ABC; Diane Dimond, of Court TV; Maureen Orth, from “Vanity Fair”, and the Chilean Víctor Gutiérrez, who is now undertaking a film project (see box). They are consigned by Jackson fans as their media pursuers. And although the Chilean journalist Gutiérrez believes that everything will remain in threats – “Because if he demands he will have to go to court again, declare and have others declare” – he adds that the lawyers will try to intimidate anyway.

3 Your image: do not sleep with children. 48% of respondents in the United States by the Gallup company believe that Michael Jackson is not innocent of sexual abuse. 32% agree with the verdict, while the remaining 20% ​​did not answer the question. The musician, then, must face what people think of their sexual behavior with minors. He left for something, or rather, his lawyer took the first step: he promised that his client will not sleep with children again.

The movie goes

The question: if for the American justice Jackson is not guilty of sexual abuse, is the film made about the book by Víctor Gutiérrez, which talks about the abuses of the musician? The answer: yes. Fenton Beily, the owner of World of Wonder, who bought the rights to make the script, confirms it from Los Angeles: “The film talks about the case of Jordi Chandler (emerged in 1993), and the verdict is not important for the continuity of the draft”. The author of the book, which appears tonight in TVN’s “De pé a pá”, explains in the channel’s study: “The film is going to help educate people, Americans are like that, they believe the movies more than to real life. “

Another question: could Jackson sue the producer World of Wonder for the film? Gutierrez replies: “It could, but it does not suit him, he would have to sue me for my book, which he has not done, but there he will face Jordi Chandler, my book is based on his life diary, and Jackson paid so that Jordi does not speak ” Gutiérrez owes Jackson US $ 2.7 million for a lawsuit.


A JURY that defined if Jackson abuses minors, held at the party that the singer offered on Friday 17, which he did not attend.

Tras el veredicto de “No culpable”:
Las tareas que le quedan a Jackson para su retorno

Al músico lo han demandado empresarios musicales de todo el mundo. Su credibilidad está por el suelo.


Michael Jackson está libre, celebrando y con timbre de inocente ante el mundo. Desde el veredicto que el lunes 13 falló la corte en California, que sus futuros planes musicales se proyectan en la prensa como apuestas. “Será algo difícil”, dice “The New York Times”, porque postula que al músico le costará levantarse tras haber liquidado su carrera mucho antes del juicio. Sin embargo US$ 80 millones es lo que Donald Trump especula recaudar si es que Jackson acepta reaparecer en sus casinos de Las Vegas. Cifras más o vaticinios menos, al músico le quedan etapas que cumplir si es que quiere volver a reinar en el pop. Aquí un vistazo.

1 Reconciliarse con la industria. Al músico le llovieron las demandas luego del escándalo que protagonizó en 1993 por otro bullado caso de abuso sexual. A ello se sumó su impredecible temperamento y enfermedades de la espalda, traducidas en cancelaciones inesperadas de shows por todo el mundo. La industria, por tanto, está resentida con él. “Es una tarea cuesta arriba”, definió a la prensa norteamericana el abogado experto en negocios musicales que guía la carrera de Prince, Londell McMillan, respecto de si Jackson podría recuperar su credibilidad.

Trascendió que el intérprete cobraba -hasta su última gira en 1997- US$ 1 millón por concierto (sin contar estadías). Sin embargo, los seguros que amparan esos eventos alcanzan hasta el doble o triple de ese dinero. Es una cifra especial, pues los productores saben que el músico tiene fama de botar sus shows cuando quiere o cuando un escándalo lo persigue.

2 Cerrar bien el caso: vengarse. Thomas Mesereau, el abogado estrella del músico, está recopilando todo lo que a Jackson le incautaron en los allanamientos a Neverland. Pasaporte, fotografías a sus genitales, los discos duros de sus computadores y revistas pornográficas son los materiales que Jackson quiere de vuelta. Y más, para mejorar su imagen, el músico irá en su “casa de brujas” con cierta prensa internacional. En particular: Martin Bashir, de ABC; Diane Dimond, de Court TV; Maureen Orth, de “Vanity Fair”, y el chileno Víctor Gutiérrez, que ahora emprende un proyecto cinematográfico (ver recuadro). Ellos son consignados por los fans de Jackson como sus perseguidores mediáticos. Y aunque el periodista chileno Gutiérrez cree que todo quedará en amenazas -“Porque si demanda tendrá otra vez que ir a tribunales, declarar y hacer que otros declaren”-, agrega que los abogados de todos modos tratarán de intimidar.

3 Su imagen: no dormir con niños. El 48% de los encuestados en Estados Unidos por la empresa Gallup creen que Michael Jackson no es inocente de abuso sexual. El 32 % está de acuerdo con el veredicto, mientras el 20% restante no contestó la pregunta. El músico, entonces, deberá enfrentarse a lo que la gente piensa de su conducta sexual con menores. Ya partió por algo, o mejor dicho, su abogado dio el primer paso: prometió que su cliente no volverá a dormir con niños.

La película va

La pregunta: si para la justicia norteamericana Jackson no es culpable de abuso sexual, ¿se hace la película sobre el libro de Víctor Gutiérrez, que habla de abusos del músico? La respuesta: sí. Fenton Beily, el dueño de World of Wonder, que compró los derechos para elaborar el guión, lo confirma desde Los Angeles: “La película habla del caso de Jordi Chandler (surgido en 1993), y el veredicto no es importante para la continuidad del proyecto”. El autor del libro, que esta noche aparece en “De pé a pá” de TVN, explica en el estudio del canal: “El filme va a ayudar a educar a la gente; los norteamericanos son así, le creen más a las películas que a la vida real”.

Otra pregunta: ¿podría Jackson demandar a la productora World of Wonder por el filme? Gutiérrez responde: “Podría, pero no le conviene. Tendría que demandarme por mi libro, cosa que no ha hecho. Pero ahí se enfrentará a Jordi Chandler. Mi libro está basado en su diario de vida, y Jackson pagó para que Jordi no hable”. Gutiérrez le debe a Jackson US$ 2,7 millones por querella.


UNA JURADO que definió si Jackson abusa de menores, celebró en la fiesta que el cantante ofreció el viernes 17, a la cual él no asistió.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009 15:29

Víctor Gutiérrez: “It is necessary to know the intellectual authors of the death of Michael Jackson”

The first journalist to accuse the “king of pop” of child abuse says he was not surprised because the police classified his death as a “criminal case”. Delivery more case history.

SANTIAGO.- From Los Angeles, the former NBC journalist, Víctor Gutiérrez, tells Emol that he is not surprised that the police have classified the investigation into the death of Michael Jackson as a “criminal case.”

This was reported today by the TMZ site, the same one that gave the world premiere of the star’s sudden demise. Gutiérrez, on the other hand, has been one of the first journalists based in the United States who believes that Jackson was killed for his large debts.

“I was more dead than alive,” said this reporter a few weeks ago, also known as the first professional to accuse Jackson of child abuse, which cost him a claim from the artist.

The information released by the Los Angeles police point as the main suspect to the singer’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, for having given him a lethal overdose of Propofol, an anesthetic drug used for surgery in hospitals and that is prohibited for personal use.

According to Gutiérrez, Murray is a doctor with very little prestige. “He had his license revoked, he had a lawsuit for more than 400 thousand dollars for unpaid contracts, but he and other doctors are just the perpetrators, and the intellectual authors of Michael Jackson’s death must be known.”

What is your impression that the investigation into the death of Jackson was classified as criminal?

“I think it’s never too late, but the police have made a lot of mistakes, declaring it a homicide now, they’re taking care politically to look good, especially the prosecutor, because they should have closed the house (where Jackson died) so no one would take However, many evidences have already been released, many images, videos, life journals, computers (…) It will cost more for the investigation because of the mistake that the police have made in taking care of themselves with a very high profile artist. The same thing always happens here (with celebrities). “

Several days ago you said that this was a homicide, why?

“Because I have sources very close to the family and the police too, one thing is what the detectives say and another the prosecutors, the police talk about homicide, but the prosecutor does not, because for the eyes of the world they do not want to make political mistakes, That’s why mistakes have been made (in the investigation), the police chief is a political post and the prosecutor’s office too, so they take great care of the votes, and this has not allowed the police to work quietly. a homicide from the first day, for the insurances committed, for the way Jackson died, the way the 911 call was made. “

Is there the possibility that this death was accidental or induced?

“As I told you, they take care of themselves, so they have to treat death as if it were an overdose, the possibility of expressing it as homicide (the case) has to be done very well (with care). so much medicine and recipes, that’s irresponsible, it’s a crime anyway, I think there are a lot of people here that it was convenient for Jackson to be dead, among them those who lent him money, those who were doing the concert return), the lawyers who appear with contracts and new testaments, in which all the money is left to them, they are lawyers who have always been questioned in the way of negotiating, that is why for the family there was a homicide here “.

La Toya Jackson said her brother was worth more dead than alive.

“Of course, they are words that I occupied in Spain (he was invited to a TV show) weeks before, I even made statements that there are several suspects, people who should be dead. They would have agreed to this, now the police have to prove it, I have suspicions, and we all have them, but the police and the prosecutor have to prove it, because the defense of the suspects will be strong, they are very powerful people. “

There are many suspicions about the actions of Dr. Murray.

“Yes, I also have suspicions about him and his dermatologist, but those are the smallest elements, but here are the people who give the order, the people who plan this, the people who want death, who are entrepreneurs, many more. great that these doctors. “

Miércoles 15 de Julio de 2009 15:29

Víctor Gutiérrez: “Falta conocer a los autores intelectuales de la muerte de Michael Jackson”

El primer periodista que acusó al “rey del pop” de abuso de menores dice no estar sorprendido porque la policía catalogara su muerte como un “caso criminal”. Entrega más antecedentes del caso.

SANTIAGO.- Desde Los Angeles, Estados Unidos, el ex periodista de la cadena NBC, Víctor Gutiérrez, dice a Emol que no se sorprende con que la policía haya catalogado como “caso criminal” la investigación por la muerte de Michael Jackson.

Así lo informó hoy el sitio TMZ, el mismo que diera la primicia mundial del sorpresivo deceso del astro. Gutiérrez, por su parte, ha sido uno de los primeros periodistas asentados en Estados Unidos que opina que a Jackson lo mataron por sus cuantiosas deudas.

“Valía más muerto que vivo”, señaló este reportero hace unas semanas, conocido también por ser el primer profesional que acusó a Jackson de abuso de menores, lo que le costó una demanda del artista.

Las informaciones emanadas por la policía de Los Angeles apuntan como principal sospechoso al médico personal del cantante, Conrad Murray, por haberle suministrado una sobredosis letal de Propofol, un fármaco anestésico que se utiliza para cirugías en hospitales y que está prohibido para uso personal.

De acuerdo a Gutiérrez, Murray es un médico de muy poco prestigio. “Tenía su licencia revocada, tenía una demanda por más de 400 mil dólares por contratos impagos. Pero él y otros médicos son sólo los autores materiales. Falta conocer a los autores intelectuales de la muerte de Michael Jackson”.

¿Cuál es tu impresión de que se catalogara como criminal la investigación por la muerte de Jackson?
“Considero que nunca es tarde, pero la policía ha cometido muchos errores. Al declararlo un homicidio ahora, se están cuidando políticamente de quedar bien. Sobre todo el fiscal. Porque deberían haber cerrado la casa (donde murió Jackson) para que nadie sacara elementos importantes. Pero ya se han sacado muchas evidencias, muchas imágenes, videos, diarios de vida, computadoras (…) Va a costar más la investigación por el error que ha cometido la policía al cuidarse tanto con un artista de muy alto perfil. Siempre ocurre lo mismo acá (con los famosos)”.

Hace varios días dijiste que esto se trataba de un homicidio, ¿por qué?
“Porque tengo fuentes muy cercanas a la familia y a la policía también. Una cosa es lo que dicen los detectives y otra los fiscales. La policía habla de homicidio, pero el fiscal no. Porque para los ojos del mundo no quieren cometer errores políticos, por eso se han cometido errores (en la investigación). El jefe de la policía es un puesto político y el del fiscal también. Entonces se cuidan mucho para las votaciones. Esto no ha dejado que la policía trabaje tranquila. Se sabe que esto fue un homicidio desde el primer día, por los seguros comprometidos, por la forma en que falleció Jackson, la forma en que se hizo la llamada al 911”.

¿Está la posibilidad de que esta muerte haya sido accidental o inducida?
“Como te dije, se cuidan mucho. Entonces tienen que tratar la muerte como si fuera una sobredosis. La posibilidad de expresarlo como homicidio (el caso) lo tienen que hacer muy bien (con cuidado). Pero ya al tipo lo estaban matando con tanto medicamento y recetas. Eso es una irresponsabilidad, es un crimen de todas formas. Yo pienso que aquí hay mucha gente a la que le convenía que Jackson estuviese muerto. Entre ellos los que le prestaron dinero, los que estaban haciendo el concierto (de regreso), los abogados que aparecen con contratos y testamentos nuevos, en que todo el dinero les queda a ellos. Son abogados que siempre han sido cuestionados en la forma de negociar, por eso que para la familia aquí había un homicidio”.

La Toya Jackson dijo que su hermano valía más muerto que vivo.
“Claro, son palabras que yo ocupé en España (fue invitado a un programa de TV) semanas antes. Incluso hice declaraciones de que son varios los sospechosos, personas a las que les convenía que estuviera muerto. También se habla de un complot de personas que se habrían puesto de acuerdo para esto. Ahora, la policía tiene que comprobarlo. Yo las sospechas las tengo. Y las tenemos todos. Pero la policía y el fiscal tienen que comprobarlo, porque la defensa de los sospechosos va a ser fuerte, también son gente muy poderosa”.

Hay muchas sospechas por el actuar del doctor Murray.
“Sí, yo también tengo las sospechas de él y de su dermatólogo. Pero esos son elementos más chiquitos. Aquí faltan las personas que dan la orden, las personas que planean esto, la personas que les conviene la muerte, que son empresarios muchos más grandes que estos médicos”.



By MOOK – June 21, 2013, 2:37 hrs.

Víctor Gutiérrez gave his reasons to say goodbye to “Intruders”

The entertainment journalist revealed last night in “True Lies” the reasons that led him to get away from the farandulero program.

Although it had already been announced in the media and within the program Víctor Gutiérrez promised to speak soon about his resignation to “Intruders”, the news was made official last night in the late “True Lies”.

There he assured Jean Philippe Cretton that the main reason for leaving the program was the need to travel constantly to North America, especially now that he has signed a contract with the designer Donna Karan, with the mission to carry out his tour of Latin America. “She told me ‘we have to go to New York’ and I said ‘I can not, because I have to do Intruders’ … and there she told me’ I wait until July and August ‘and I answered’ then I give up my program, “explained Gutiérrez, who had come to replace the space left by Julia Vial earlier this year when she took over” Mañaneros. “

Although it has not yet been revealed who will take over the program as of next month, Gutiérrez himself expressed through a newspaper the options of Gonzalo Feito, who is part of the channel and has replaced him on several occasions, and the of Marcela Vacarezza, who via Twitter disregarded even a conversation with the executives of the station.

In social networks some viewers ask Jennifer Warner, who left the morning of the Network and has vast experience in show business, but it is still uncertain which face of the channel will be responsible for mediating day by day with characters like Pamela Jiles and Felipe Avello in “Intruders.”

Por MOOK 21 junio 2013, 2:37 hrs.

Víctor Gutiérrez dio sus razones para decir adiós a “Intrusos”

El periodista de espectáculos reveló anoche en “Mentiras Verdaderas” los motivos que lo llevaron a alejarse del programa farandulero.

Si bien ya se había anunciado en los medios y dentro del propio programa Víctor Gutiérrez prometía hablar pronto sobre  su renuncia a “Intrusos”, la noticia se oficializó recién anoche en el late “Mentiras Verdaderas”.

Allí aseguró a Jean Philippe Cretton  que la principal razón para abandonar el programa era la necesidad de viajar constantemente a Norteamérica, especialmente ahora que cerró un contrato con la diseñadora Donna Karan,  teniendo como misión llevar a cabo su gira por Latinoamérica. “Ella me decía ´tenemos que ir a Nueva York´ y yo le decía ´no puedo, porque tengo que hacer Intrusos´… y ahí ya me dijo ´te espero hasta Julio y Agosto´ y yo le respondí ´entonces yo renuncio a mi programa´” explicó Gutiérrez, quien había llegado a suplir el espacio que dejó Julia Vial a principios de este año cuando tomó el mando de “Mañaneros”.

Pese a que aún no se ha revelado quién se hará cargo del programa a partir del próximo mes, el mismo Gutiérrez expresó a través de un diario las opciones de Gonzalo Feito, quien es parte del canal y lo ha reemplazado en varias ocasiones, y la de Marcela Vacarezza, quien vía Twitter desestimó siquiera una conversación con los ejecutivos de la estación.

En las redes sociales algunos televidentes piden a Jennifer Warner, quien salió del matinal de La Red y tiene vasta experiencia en farándula, pero aún es incierto qué rostro del canal tendrá la responsabilidad de mediar día a día con personajes como Pamela Jiles y Felipe Avello en “Intrusos”.


Víctor Gutiérrez leaves Intruders to investigate politicians and celebrities

By 06/19/2013 12:50

The animator of the entertainment program “Intruders” of The Network will leave the driving space to devote full time to investigate the lives of politicians and celebrities.

The journalist who wrote a book about Michael Jackson said that in the end the viewers will be dismissed on screen.

According to La Cuarta, Gutiérrez will prioritize the research that he has abroad, however he will be able to appear in a couple of programs of La Red.

Víctor Gutiérrez deja Intrusos para investigar a políticos y famosos


19/06/2013 12:50

El animador del programa de farándula “Intrusos” de La Red dejará la conducción del espacio para dedicarse a tiempo completo a investigar la vida de políticos y famosos.

El periodista que escribió un libro sobre Michael Jackson señaló que a fin se despedirá en pantalla de los telespectadores.

Según contó a La Cuarta, Gutiérrez priorizará las investigaciones que tiene en el extranjero, sin embargo podrá aparecer en un par de programas de La Red.


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