About the blog

We are 2 on this blog, TheLastTear (Lou) (research and writing) and Emmy (research and layout). Since English is not our first language, our friend, PenDragon whom we thank most sincerely has agreed to proofread only the blogs.

We were previously not fans of any celebrity not even Michael Jackson’s. His death saddens us deeply. We wondered why. In searching for an answer, we got to know both the artist and the humanitarian. We believe that he was stabbed in the back by his enemies, that he was an innocent from the beginning to the end. By sharing our findings, we hope to open up new paths to the truth.


2 Responses to About the blog

  1. Your blog is such a benefit to the MJGlobal fanbase. We have not the words to explain how it has not been shared by more fans … We appreciate the in-depth research that is done and the desire to find the truth without agenda … this is ever so key as we explore all the scammer, schemers and wheeler dealers who circumambulated Michael in his lifetime. Thank you for dedication.

    • thelasttear7 says:

      Thank you MJJJP. We do our best to find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Usually our posts are too long and study deeply things. Well, we try to do an in-depth research. Not always people have time nor the patience to join us here and read. But it is OK. We understand and continue our studies no matter what. The fact that English is not our native language has perhaps made our posts a little difficult to understand! We hoped to get help from a friend who would proofread our writings but sadly this has not worked.

      Anyway, my friend and I will not give up. We really hope to begin with another series and do a kind of recap with new facts which have /will come up.

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