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By The Last Tear (Lou)

Recently, several informative and revealing studies have been published on the web. The first one that we share here is D.B. Anderson’s book review. The second one is Raven Woods study about MJ’s HIStory and the art of musical autibiography.  The last one is written by Kristinpan about “How Sneddon withheld Chandler’s description”.

D. B. Anderson

Book Review: The Genius of Michael Jackson

Steve Knopper, Scribner, October 2015

You can be forgiven for assuming that a book titled “Genius” might be the one you’ve been waiting for: a tome that explores in detail the astonishing achievements of Michael Jackson. No doubt, that’s what the marketing department at Scribner hopes you will think. But for the life of me, I can’t actually find the part where this book “explores and celebrates his influence in music, dance, and popular culture,” as it claims to do.

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Michael Jackson’s HIStory and The Art of Musical Autobiography

 by Raven Woods

In the summer of 1995, Michael Jackson released his highly anticipated follow-up to Dangerous, an album ostentatiously titled HIStory: Past, Present and Future, further subdivided into “Books I, II, and III. The album’s wordplay was absolutely intentional.

Please click on the following link and read the rest of the study:

How Sneddon withheld Chandler’s description

In 2005 Sneddon suddenly tried to introduce Jordan Chandler’s description and the photos from the strip search in 1993 into evidence.  It is important to note that this evidence had no chance whatsoever of getting admitted by the judge even without the problems I’m going to mention here. [1] Most importantly its admission would have gravely violated the defendant’s right of confrontation (6th Amendment) which ensures that witnesses appear personally before a jury instead of admitting out-of-court hearsay statements. In addition to that it guarantees the defendant that his lawyers will get the opportunity to cross-examine a witness and the jury will assess their demeanor as well. [2] It is important to consider in this context that Jordan Chandler to this day has never been cross-examined. [3] For various more reasons that are beyond the scope of this post we also know that there was no match between the two. [4] This alleged attempt at admitting evidence was nothing but a publicity stunt.

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