The”55 minutes …” – Part 4 – The scenario

By The Last tear (Lou)

Why shouldn’t truth be stranger than fiction?

Fiction, after all, has to make sense.

Mark Twain


My friend and I were talking the other day. We were saying that we had to postpone for a short time the MJ-EO part 7 because we were not hundred percent ready. We wondered if we could have a part 4 in The “55 minutes …” series. And then we just talked and brainstormed. Take a look for yourself!

Some other lights and shadows

Do you remember what happened on June 21, 2009?  It was Father’s day and Michael Jackson and his children spent some times with their friends. In the afternoon, Jackson felt sick and asked his assistant to call Cherilyn Lee – the holistic nurse who treated him for some months until mid April 2009. Jackson who was obviously worried about his health asked Lee why half of his body was cold and the other half warm. Lee could not answer the question; also, she was not in town and told MJ to go to hospital. You do realize that 4 days later, Jackson died or we should say was murdered.


  • Why did Jackson want to talk to Lee and not Murray? Obviously, Murray was his “doctor” and had given him medications which caused those symptoms! Did not Jackson trust Murray? Could this also mean that Murray gave Jackson medications without telling to the patient?
  • We do remember that on June 20th, Jackson was still looking for an anesthesiologist because he called Dr. Klein’s office and asked them if they knew one. Also, on June 24th, when Murray wanted to send Jackson’s medical report to the insurance company, MJ did not allow him to do so. Could Jackson’s refusal and his search for another doctor mean that the star had doubts about Murray?    

Before the event on Father’s day, there were issues on June 19th and 20th when Jackson was too sick at the rehearsals. In her blog, ConradMurray, THE MAN WHO KILLED MICHAEL JACKSON. Part 4. The shock of Versed the blogger VMJ writes that Murray administrated Versed to his patient instead of Propofol days before MJ’s death. One of her reasons which back up her theory is a quote from a conversation with Doctor Shafer:

Question:  During his conversation with Nurse Cherilyn Lee in April 2009, Lee explained these side effects to MJ. On June 19 and 20 when Michael was sick at the rehearsals, he called Cherilyn Lee. He asked her why half of his body was cold and the other half was warm. He wondered what was happening to him [].

Dr. Shafer:  That wouldn’t be a side effect of propofol. I don’t know what makes half your body warm, and half cold, but propofol doesn’t do that. It could be that he simply had a virus. There are some symptoms of withdrawal from sedatives. Withdrawal from propofol has not been described, []  “Side effects” of propofol are things like low blood pressure and decreased breathing. Patients are usually asleep, and thus blissfully ignorant of these side effects. You can be confident that his blood pressure and breathing both decreased when he got propofol previously, because that happens with everybody. Propofol has very few “side effects” that are unpleasant to the awake patient. There is some drowsiness after awakening up from propofol, but that is expected. Other than that, there isn’t much in the way of side effects that the awake patient will experience.

First of all, I want to assure you that this is really Dr. Shaffer’s answer; and the reason I know this, is because it was I who had this email conversation with the doctor. After Murray’s trial, Dr. Shaffer agreed to answer the fans’ questions; he also agreed to answer mine.

Please notice that Dr. Shaffer said that the withdrawal from Propofol had not been described. Until 2011, the doctors used to say that Propofol was not addictive but during 2012 and especially 2013, we have heard the opposite. Still it seems that addiction to Propofol is limited to the medical personal which is in daily contact with the anesthetic.

VMJ’s theory about Versed reconfirms what we have said in the part one of The “55 minutes …” – Part 1  We said that MJ did not trust Murray because the “doctor” did not know how to use Propofol. Besides, Murray did not have a minimum of medical equipments for resuscitation. We came to the conclusion that “the 60 nights’ infusion of Propofol” was a tale fabricated by Murray himself; in truth, it was 2 nights of Propofol infusion. This must have happened on June 22 and 23, 2009 because the star had a miraculous recovery and had good rehearsals on June 23th and 24th.

Fiction vs. Truth

By fiction we are referring to a tabloid film called “Autopsy: Michael Jackson’s Last Hours” which was aired on Channel 5 during January 2014. We will not share a link but if you wish, you can read the transcript of the show here

Apart from the barfing tabloid trio of Desborough-Halperin-Pfieffer and the mediocre counselor-psychologist Kenny, there are two other figures in this masquerade: Dr. Shepherd and the music promoter Terry Harvey. Let us leave the barfing trio at the bottom of the garbage can where it belongs and look at the symbolism of the film by observing the doctor and the music promoter.

Terry Harvey, an African-American cigar smoker music promoter, symbolizes Berry Gordy but also people like Frank Dileo, the music moguls of the 80s and the 90s but also Randy Phillips and AEG Live. Since Harvey wants us to see him as the “ultimate boss” of the music industry, he also wants us to believe him. He tells us that all artists and performers – Jackson is included – are “liars”.   

How about Dr. Shepherd? By definition, a medical doctor is someone who is knowledgeable in medicine, can help lay people to understand health issues and should be able to cure them. Dr. Shepherd uses this general belief and wants us to trust him and his medical knowledge; he wants us to believe that he knows “the truth” and wish to share it with us! By reviewing Jackson’s health issues, he also identifies himself with all the doctors who had treated the artist – Conrad Murray is included.

During the show, Dr. Shepherd is harsh towards Dr. Klein but he keeps a softer tone towards Murray. By the way, in the film, the actor playing Murray acts like “a sheep” who “serves obediently” his patient!

But not even Dr. Shepherd can deny that Jackson was in good health! He admits it during the show. However, he needs to put the blame on Jackson and convinces the viewers that the artist caused his own death; to achieve this goal, the filmmakers and Dr. Shepherd use several tricks.

The first one: the camera shows a page of a tabloid referring to the false molestation accusations. It stays on it for several minutes. It is like “a warning” or a “Wanted” poster that we see in Hollywood Western films! Although, the camera does not show Jackson’s acquittal and vindication in 2005!

The second one: The narrator and Dr. Shepherd mention Jackson’s vitiligo and a clip of MJ’s interview with the Queen of Darkness, Oprah Winfrey is shown. On the video clip, Jackson ambushed by Winfrey, talks about his vitiligo for the first time but he denies receiving any treatment for that. The narrator calls the star “a liar” because he did not say that “he bleached his skin”! In fact, Jackson did not have to say anything about his medical conditions. It was the mean manners of his interrogator, OW which made him to talk about vitiligo. Being an African-American and a talk show host, it is hard to believe that Winfrey had never heard about vitiligo and its treatment before her interview with Jackson. Obviously, she wanted to humiliate the man!

The third one: Dr. Shepherd talks several minutes about Jackson’s lungs! He explains that the lungs were “in bad condition” but he cannot explain why. He wants us to believe that Jackson’s “long dependency on medications” was the cause of “the damages”; at the same time, he wonders if Jackson’s lupus was the reason behind the lungs’ condition. But not even Dr. Shepherd dares to say definitely what had caused the lungs damages.

Dr. Shepherd does not discuss if the resuscitation (CPR) could have damaged Michael’s lungs. On June 25, 2009, the paramedics tried to resuscitate him at his home and then at the hospital several doctors tried hard to bring him back to life. There is a section in the autopsy report about the diagnosis, on page 14/3: 


If I am not wrong, it says that alveolar hemorrhage in the lung was caused by the resuscitation attempts. According to the page published by California Coalition for Compassionate Care, CPR/DNR causes complications:


On TV CPR looks fast and uncomplicated. It is different in real life situations. Serious complications are likely. The most common complications are rib fractures that have been documented in up to 97% of CPR attempts, and breastbone fractures documented in up to 43% of cases. The risk of these fractures increases with age as does the chance for multiple fractures. This may be due to a decrease in muscle mass and an increased rate of osteoporosis with age. Approximately 59% of those who have CPR will have bruising of the chest and about 30% may have burns from the defibrillator. Permanent brain damage may occur from lack of oxygen in up to 50% of those who have CPR attempted. Other less frequent complications of CPR that have been identified include bleeding in the chest (0-18%), damage to the trachea or esophagus (0-20%), damage to abdominal organs (0-31%), lung damage (0-13%), and damage to lips and teeth ( 0-8%).

We know that Michael had multiple fractures, several bruises and puncture marks all over his body because of the resuscitation attempts. Apparently, it also produced some injuries in the lung(s) and the stomach. We do not know how many percent of the damages seen in Jackson’s lungs were caused by CPR and how much was there before he was killed. I wonder if any medical doctor would be able to give a scientific estimation in this matter. But it would be difficult to ignore the lung injury which was caused by CPR.

Let us say that some of the damages were in Michael’s lungs before his death. This could mean that these injuries were there for some time. Perhaps you remember that on March 26, 2007 Murray treated Jackson for cough, chills, pleuritic phlegm, and chest pain. A X-ray is mentioned which seems to be related to the lungs. Please look at the slide below. This means that in March 2007, Conrad Murray could have seen the damages in Jackson’s lungs. People with weak/damaged lungs who are exposed to opiates, benzodiazepines and anesthetic substances are in greater danger than patients with normal lungs because the apnea (the respiratory arrest) would occur faster.

datesevents1-2pics-5If Murray had seen these damages in 2007, why did he expose his patient in May and June 2009 (especially on June 25th) to so many medications which cause respiratory arrest? He must have known that his patient was more vulnerable than the others while using these medications.

It appears that the line between a voluntary and an involuntary manslaughter could be very thin!

As we said before, Murray looks like “a sheep” in the tabloid film. However, the show ends in an unexpected way. The narrator says that during Murray’s criminal trial, the prosecution had one theory and Murray’s lawyers another. The latter tried to prove that the victim killed himself; the former explained that a big bottle of propofol with pierced rubber gum was added to the saline bag which went to the victim’s body and caused his death. Doctor Shaffer demonstrated in the court how this could have happened. In the film, the actor playing the role of Murray uses a big knife to pierce the rubber gum of the propofol bottle! Then he puts the bottle in the saline bag. Suddenly, “the sheep” becomes “the butcher”! And the film ends showing the presume murder weapon: the empty saline bag containing the empty bottle of propofol! It seems that the filmmakers admire in a disgusting way Murray’s actions.

“A sheep” but in truth “a butcher” was exactly the kind of “doctor” that Randy Phillips and AEG Live would like to hire and they did hire him. Murray obeyed them without hesitation. You do realize that all the fights to put “the doctor” in charge of Jackson’s day to day life and Randy Phillips refusal to let another therapist to join in, were also attempts to push Jackson to take propofol and other medications from Murray!

And our scenario?

“TII” was not a real project and it could not happen because it would help Jackson to pay his debts (all or part of it) and it would save his assets, especially the ATV catalog.

 “TII” was a trap. MJ was pressured and humiliated during the rehearsals and the preparation for the shows. Everybody knew that he would suffer from insomnia and would need medication. Murray was there and administrated all the poisons he could find to weaken the artist’s body and mind. Sooner or later, MJ would give up the shows; AEG Live would sue him for breach of the “contract”; MJ would have to sale his assets to be able to pay back not only AEG which had invested on him but also the others. The precious ATV catalog would be at last on the market!

But MJ did not give up because he probably knew what was going on. Since he was a fighter, he decided to resist. His body, weak and tired, recovered somewhat after two nights cure; he was about to take “the reins”; he had gathered his old team, the one who helped him in the 80s and the beginning of the 90s.

But “taking the reins and the control of his life” was not supposed to happen to Jackson! When this option seemed to be probable, it was time to finish him off. And this is what Murray (alone or with the help of someone else) did on June 25, 2009. 

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7 Responses to The”55 minutes …” – Part 4 – The scenario

  1. Excellent post Helen! I had forgotten about the evidence of resuscitation causing damage. I’m posting part 4 in my side links under Justice for Michael for research. I don’t want these articles to get buried with other posts as time goes on. Much love ♥

    • thelasttear7 says:

      Thanks Val for your help and support. <333 more!

    • thelasttear7 says:

      Hello Val,

      How are you doing? We haven’t seen any post from you these last days. I hope you are well. Miss you very much. Please let us know how you are. Several ppl are worried. Thank you.

      • Hi, Sorry it taken so long to respond, but I have not been here for a while. I’m dealing with something and I won’t be here everyday for a little longer, but I hope to be back as soon as I can. Thanks for understanding. Much love ♥

      • thelasttear7 says:

        Ok Val. Thanks for the reply. We all pray that you fix this thing and come back full time. You have our love and support of course. Much love to you too ❤ Lou

  2. Mariam says:

    Thank you for your research; it is really a hint to see another possible part of this crime. We need to dig more in order to find the truth; this is one of the ways to find the truth (searching, analyzing and connecting the puzzles). I am hoping one day MJ will be vindicated once for last.

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