Active Boycott on 60 Minutes (Australia), Channel 9 and Their Sponsors


Source: Boycott Conrad Murray Campaign

bcmc 2

We are officially activating our boycott against 60 Minutes and their sponsors.

60 Minutes Australia is scheduled to air Murray’s first interview since his release. Read details here: Conrad Murray’s First Interview: Michael Jackson’s Death Doc Quizzed By Australia’s ’60 Minutes’ About Whether Pop Star Was A Pedophile

Its time to put our pledges into effect and raise our voices for Michael.

We must send the strong message that any network and their sponsors who provide Conrad Murray a platform to profit off of killing Michael will be met with a boycott on their networks and products.

We’ve talked the talk, now its time to walk the walk and hurt their bottom line…their RATINGS AND PROFITS.

Please tweet the following twitters and let them know how you feel about them providing Murray with a platform to profit off of killing Michael. Refrain from using vulgar…

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