Katherine Jackson vs AEG Live

By The Last Tear (Lou)

In the middle of the research which would allow us to write part 5b of Michael Jackson, Captain EO and the business of conquering the world, we heard the news about Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit.

In fact, on February 27, 2013, the judge Yvette Palazuelos denied AEG Live’s summary judgment but granted in part Katherine Jackson’s summary adjudication. The judge allowed Mrs. Jackson to proceed with her case (Read the document published by Anthony McCartney here case No. BC445597 )

It appears that another trial is upon us; indeed the opening day for the AEG Live civil suit is set for April 2, 2013!

When Conrad Murray’s trial ended, we felt that there was much more to say about the tragic death of Michael Jackson. That is why we studied again the case with all we had learnt during Murray’s trial.

As a result, we published several blogs called MJ Timeline Reloaded and a summary called Some dates and names: a Review.

In the light of the coming trial, we think that is important to review judge Palazuelos document especially the part of the lawsuit that she agreed with.

Before beginning our review, let us repeat what we said in the last blog, part 5a of Michael Jackson, Captain EO and the business of conquering the world .You may remember that in this blog we came to a conclusion – which was either not known about or if it was, then by only a very few who did not speak of it – that by not selling the Motown’s catalog, Jobete, to Michael Jackson, Berry Gordy, consciously or unconsciously, helped Jackson’s rivals.

Indeed, because he already owned the ATV catalog, if Jackson could have bought Jobete, he would have become a very powerful man; and in this case, we believe his enemies could not have harmed him as much as they did in 1993 and 2003. Consequently, his life and his future would have been very different.

And now the review of the judge’s rulings and orders!

Let us focus in this blog on pages 15 to 18 of the document the Second Cause of Action – Negligent Hiring, Supervision and Training:

K Jackson vs AEG Live summary judgment ruling1

K Jackson vs AEG Live summary judgment ruling2

K Jackson vs AEG Live summary judgment ruling3

K Jackson vs AEG Live summary judgment ruling4

We have a confirmation here about Paul Gongaware and his actions. In fact, in our blog MJ timeline reloaded 2009 part 1 posted on January 13, 2012 we wrote:

Actually, Paul Gongaware had been Jackson’s Dangerous tour manager. He was involved in the History tour too and got to know Michael very well. Probably, he had shared his knowledge about MJ with AEG Live. Also he was the one who suggested that they filmed the This Is It rehearsals in LA. He was responsible for the TII shows scheduling. Michael did not like the schedules. 

We believe that Gongaware knew more than Judge Palazuelos has mentioned in the quote above. Gongaware knew for sure that Jackson suffered from both vitiligo and lupus, that the star needed medical attention not just because there was a “practice of administering drugs” during musical tours but also because he especially needed to have his lupus – which is a life threatening disease – under control.

We know that Jackson was a perfectionist and he was involved with every aspect of his tours. He worked very hard and that affected his ability to sleep. Not sleeping and not recovering from his hard performances would indeed jeopardize his health. Surely, Gongaware knew about Jackson‘s sleep issue and shared his knowledge with Randy Phillips and others.

Our friend, Gatorgirl has made a very valid observation about Jackson’s problem with sleep. She wrote that Conrad Murray used Jackson’s issue to manipulate the star. In fact, insomnia is a treatable disorder if it is handled by specialist and knowledgeable doctors.

In Jackson’s case, insomnia was an instrument in the reckless hands of Conrad Murray, used to put the star in a vulnerable position. Judge Palazuelos has mentioned that Murray’s “treatment” was discussed among people in charge; this means that at least Gongaware knew what was going on.

Since the tour was a big investment for all people involved, it was unlikely that Gongaware kept his knowledge only for himself; he must have shared it with his other colleagues.

In our post Some dates and names: a Review  we demonstrated how Murray – as a service to AEG Live – produced a false medical history to show to the insurance company Lloyds, stating that he was Jackson’s “long time” doctor. In exchange, he got a contract with AEG Live. As Judge Palazuelos wrote – signed or not signed, paid or not paid – Murray and AEG Live had an understanding. Murray’s salary was counted in the tour’s budget months before Jackson “was treated” by Murray.

As Gatorgirl pointed out, as early as March 2009, Conrad Murray was buying Propofol and tubing for IV administration. WHY?

Judge Palazuelos gave us a new piece of information: there were other doctors who were candidates for the job and even more important not only Jackson but several people discussed – the judge called them “They”, “one or both parties” – the choice of doctor!

WHY would these other people like Gongaware and Phillips have the right to choose a doctor for Jackson?

As we know, Jackson wanted an anesthesiologist to accompany him. But we know that he did not get want he wanted. When Murray got the job, Jackson wanted Dr. Adams who is an anesthesiologist, to help Murray. But as we know again, this never happened, the excuse being that “Jackson could not afford” both of the doctors. And who do you believe used this “argument”?  Murray of course but also Gangaware who was Phillips right hand man, and who was there to keep a check on the tour’s money.

Again in the post Some dates and names: a Review  we mentioned that on June 24, 2009, Murray asked Jackson to allow him to send the artist’s medical history to Llyods. Jackson declined. We believe this means a lot; firstly, it shows that Jackson was in conflict with Murray. If you trust your doctor then you would allow him to use your medical history, right?! Especially when you had accepted him as your tour physician who would accompany you to a foreign country!

Secondly, it also shows that Jackson was in conflict with AEG Live. He knew that AEG Live needed concert cancellation insurance. In fact, the star was about to take control of his tour and his life.

During the trial, we are certain that AEG Live lawyers will describe the star as “an addict”. Alongside them, the media especially the tabloids will write hundreds of pages on “his addiction”. We believe the artist had no addiction. He had suffered from dependency in some periods of his life but he had mastered it bravely. He was very conscious of the danger of the medications and he succeeded to find a balance between his issues – burn injuries, vitiligo and lupus – and his hard life as a performer who kept himself in a good shape and always ready to go on stage.

Unfortunately, members of Jackson family have gone public talking about their brother’s or son’s “dependency”.

We are confident that Jackson’s powerful fan community will oppose any attempt to trash the star. We have to remember that AEG Live lawyers and anyone else who want to question the reputation of the artist, will need to refute the autopsy report

We truly believe that the truth is timeless and indestructible; it will always find a way to show itself.

This blog will follow the trial and will study and comment on the coming reports.

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