Michael Jackson, Captain EO and the business of conquering the world-part 2- Pepsi,CEO & more

By The Last Tear (Lou)

Captain EO, Disneyland

This was a big project and many famous names were involved in this work; Michael Jackson of course, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola … It was a very expensive film for that time. It cost $30 million. The film is 17 minutes long which means each minute cost $1.7 million.

In addition, the Walt Disney Company and its parks would show the film year after year – from 1986 to 1994. After Jackson’s passing, CEO was showing again in different Disney parks around the world.

Here it is an article by The Chicago Tribune that, besides its occasionally nasty tone, gives us a perfect overview:

Pepsi Bets Millions On Jackson`s Comeback

June 05, 1986| By William Scobie. Scripps-Howard News Service.


LOS ANGELES — After a year-long sabbatical, Michael Jackson, the 27-year-old prince of pop and soul, is back in action.

He is completing a film with Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas, a new album with Quincy Jones, new videos, new TV commercials, and endless merchandising deals. He is considering a new tour, this time of Japan and Australia.

The prospects are thrilling hearts and minds at Disney Studios (producers of the film), at Jackson`s record label, Epic, and parent company CBS, and above all at Pepsi-Cola, where executives are hailing their new agreement with the young actor-singer-entrepreneur as “the biggest personality product endorsement deal in advertising history.“

An extraordinary deal it undoubtedly is: Jackson, with a personal fortune already in excess of $200 million, will get $15 million for making just three commercials for Pepsi.

Of these, he will appear in only two. For the third, he is obliged merely to supply “creative control,“ whatever that may be. His fee for 90 seconds of TV time will be five times that commanded by such stars as Marlon Brando or Elizabeth Taylor for a full-length feature.

Jackson`s contract stipulates that he will not, in the two commercials he appears in, be seen clasping a can of Pepsi. The singer is a dedicated Jehovah`s Witness and health food addict who takes his personal vegetarian chef with him whenever he dines away from his fortress like Los Angeles home.

Carbonated soft drinks are anathema: he imbibes only fruit juices and Evian water, imported from France.

Making the commercials will cost Pepsi another $15 million, plus around $20 million to buy air time, for a total of $50 million.

Followers of the career of this fragile, studiously epicene darling of young America may have assumed that he was already under contract to Pepsi:

Remember the famous episode, when the singer`s curly locks caught fire during shooting of a TV spot?

But that was in 1984, when Jackson and his brothers shared $5.2 million for filming two 30-second Pepsi commercials. A solo Michael has renegotiated the deal.

Why is America`s second-largest soft-drink company now prepared to treble its stake in a man who hasn`t released a new album in two years and who lets the world know he won`t touch the product he`s endorsing?

Partly because Jackson and his latest manager, Frank Dileo, a former CBS vice president who helped create the “Thriller“ phenomenon, threatened to switch to Coca-Cola.

Pepsi bosses were horrified at the prospect of their boy-wonder figurehead jumping, after barely two years, to their chief rival in a $65 billion world-wide market.

Pepsi, with around 19 percent of the $25 billion U.S. market, has been gaining on Coke, which has a 22 percent annual share. Pepsi`s marketing wizards are sure Michael Jackson had a lot to do with that.

Jackson`s recognition factor in marketing surveys may have dropped since the troubled “Victory“ tour with his brothers wound up in Los Angeles in December, 1984. He is rated below rival idols such as Bruce Springsteen and Prince, but Pepsi is banking on this summer`s comeback.

First, there is the film for Disney, which is not a regular studio movie but a 12-minute musical space fantasy titled “Captain Eo,“ shot in 3D. Its songs are written, produced and sung by Jackson.

With Coppola directing, “Eo“ is already overdue and well over its million-dollar-a-minute budget, but a large slice of the cost is being carried by Eastman Kodak Co., whose scientists designed the new, improved three-dimensional process being used.

A measure of Disney`s expectations for this venture may be gauged from the fact that the Burbank studio has hired John Napier–who redesigned New York`s Winter Garden theater for “Cats“–to create completely new theaters at Disneyland in Los Angeles and Disney World in Florida simply to show

“Captain Eo.“

Industry analysts say Disney and Kodak will wind up spending at least $20 million on a project that relies almost entirely on the selling power of Michael Jackson.

Next there`s the album. Jackson has already taped about 18 new songs and is working with Quincy Jones, his musical mentor on “Thriller,“ to polish eight or nine cuts for the record. Inevitably, it will spawn two or three short, top-selling videos.

“Thriller“ sold some 40 million copies at a list price of around $8, grossing $320 million. CBS is looking for a similar bonanza this year.

One reason for that particular success is that the canny Jackson persuaded such stars as Paul McCartney and heavy-metal rocker Eddie Van Halen to perform on “Thriller.“ The recipe will be repeated on the new album, making him one of the few black singers to be aired regularly on radio stations that cater to white American audiences. Release is scheduled for late summer or fall.

Jackson sightings have been rare over the past year. He popped up in London to pose with his statue at Madame Tussaud`s. He appeared at charity dinners, in faintly waxwork-like cameos, with his new pal, the remodeled Elizabeth Taylor.

But for the most part the enigmatic Michael stays closeted behind the high walls of his Encino castle with pets that include a boa constrictor named Tinkerbell. He even shops from home, sending aides to London to negotiate his $48 million purchase of a 5,000-song hoard that includes rights to most of the Beatles` best works.

Manager Dileo reports that Jackson works long hours daily at the Encino conclave he shares with his mother. He sings, he writes, he dances, he pounds on his synthesizers. He considers plans for a Far Eastern tour that could net another $100 million.

Pepsi will be lucky if it is allowed to sponsor the new tour, which means channeling more millions into the Jackson coffers. The recent agreement simply allows the company first shot at such sponsorship. Which means that if Coke or some other rival offered more money, young Michael would be free to sell them his name.

And after that, there`s a long-projected film of “Peter Pan“ which Steven Spielberg wants to direct, with Jackson starring in, and partially financing the enterprise.

The fey, reclusive Michael woud be ideal for the part, believes Spielberg. “He`s very childlike, very vulnerable,“ says the director of E.T. “Like a fawn in a forest.“

Some fawn. Some forest.


In 1986 when CEO was showed for the first time at Walt Disney World, The Chicago Tribune published a long article, which contained this paragraph about CEO:

At the moment, the longest lines at Walt Disney World are in Future World at Epcot Center, where a brand new movie involving some very famous film and entertainment names is packing `em in. The movie about which everybody in Orlando is talking is called “Captain Eo,“ a 20-minute, three-dimensional, musical fantasy that stars Michael Jackson as the captain of a rather odd spaceship, also inhabited by a corps of pretty strange critters. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by George Lucas, it delivers the kind of razzle-dazzle that audiences expect from a venture that combines the talents of these three mega-celebrities and includes the requisite quantity of Disney magic.

Using a combination of 3-D stunners, special laser effects and lots of musical diversion, the 20-minute-long “Captain Eo“ is something of the ultimate musical video. It was perhaps the most expensive film ever produced, on a foot-by-foot basis, and audiences seem enthusiastic about the music and the cinematic magic.


However after the 93 allegations, WDW put an end to its collaboration with Michael Jackson WITHOUT expressing its real reason for doing so. We will soon read an article that tells us how WDW cowardly and unjustly discriminated against Jackson who was not found guilty of any crime in any court of law:

So long, Michael: Pop star Michael Jackson’s relationship…

February 26, 1994

So long, Michael: Pop star Michael Jackson’s relationship with Walt Disney World and Epcot Center is coming to an end, a Disney spokesman said. Jackson’s 3-D movie, “Captain Eo,” one of the most popular attractions at Epcot Center since 1986, will be pulled in the autumn and replaced by a new show titled “Honey I Shrunk the Theater.” Disney’s move came in the wake of allegations that Jackson sexually molested a 14-year-old boy. Dave Herbst, a Disney spokesman, said there was “no relationship whatsoever” between the decision to replace Jackson’s movie and the allegations.


Here you are 2 articles about CEO published after Jackson’s passing. Again some mean words in the first article but we see how the 93 allegations affected Jackson’s business relationship with Disney.

Michael Jackson meets Star Wars: A look back at “Captain EO”

Now that the memorial service for Michael Jackson has concluded and the finality of his passing has begun to sink in, it seems only natural that his fans all over the world will begin to celebrate his legacy by reveling in the many wonderful artistic gifts he left behind.

Obviously, his musical contributions will be the first to be considered, but one of the milestones he achieved was his one and only collaboration with George Lucas, the 3-D short “Captain EO.”

Co-written by Lucas from a story he conceived and directed by Lucas’ mentor Francis Ford Coppola, “Captain EO” tells the story of the titular spaceship captain (Jackson) and his crew of misfit creatures and robots who crash land on the planet of the evil queen Supreme Leader (Angelica Huston.) The queen attempts to subdue EO and his crew but the charismatic captain wins over the forces of evil through his gift of song and dance.

If you’re laughing at this, don’t feel bad. This wasn’t meant to be “The Godfather.”

“Captain EO” premiered at DisneyWorld’s EPCOT Center September 12, 1986. At the time, the $30 million short was considered to be the most expensive film ever made, just by cost per length of film ($1.76 million per minute.) Considering how little 3-D was being utilized at the time, the short was certainly groundbreaking for its era. A look at the amount of feature-length films showing in the 3-D format today is proof enough that the film was, in fact, ahead of its time.

Looking at “Captain EO” in its entirety on YouTube, it is rather laughable. It was certainly nobody’s finest hour. The effects pale in comparison to any given “Star Wars” film, the dialogue (written by Lucas, Coppola, and Rusty Lemorande) is painfully wooden, and neither of the two songs Jackson sings in the film (“We Are Here to Change the World” and “Another Part of Me”) can be considered his best. However, Angelica Huston plays her role as the Darth Vader of the piece with sheer abandon and she is a joy to watch, even underneath all of her makeup.

What is undeniable about “EO” is that Michael Jackson had star quality to burn. Even if he wasn’t much of actor – and who did he ever play but himself, in videos such as “Thriller” and even in vehicles like “The Wiz?” – he lights up the screen. Watching “Captain EO” one can’t help but think it’s shame Jackson never made a feature-length musical for the big screen.

As corny as “Captain EO’s” message of love conquering hate through song and dance may be, the sheer conviction that Jackson conveys through his message is what impresses the most. You really believe that he believes such a thing is possible. Say what you will about his antics in his later years, but the Jackson that most everyone knew and loved – still loves – was that rarest of human species, a true believer.

To paraphrase a song Jackson sings in the movie, he was here to change the world.

And he did.




Paying tribute to Michael Jackson: Will Disney resurrect Captain EO?


Several years before Jackson faced felony child molestation charges, he enjoyed a lucrative partnership with Disney. Jackson teamed with George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and Anjelica Huston to create the 3-D short “Captain EO,” which debuted at Epcot’s Imagination pavilion in Future World and at Disneyland California in 1986. The film ran at Epcot until 1994, and also ran through the late 1990s at Disneyland California, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disneyland.

Epcot stopped showing Captain EO shortly after the first accusations of child abuse were made against Jackson in 1993. Disney insiders claim that Jackson, who had made regular trips to Disney World, was only permitted to stay at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin hotels after the allegations of child abuse surfaced. The Swan and Dolphin hotels are located on Disney property but are managed by separate corporations: Westin Hotels manages the Swan and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts manages the Dolphin.

Not only did Disney World restrict Jackson’s access to its resort hotels and close down Captain EO at Epcot in Disney World (years before shutting it down at the other Disney parks), it also decided against partnering with Jackson on future projects. Although Jackson’s career had started to decline by the early 1990s, his international fame remained intact. As the decade wore on, however, Jackson first faced child abuse allegations and later faced even more serious charges. In 2004 Jackson was charged with ten felony counts of child molestation and conspiracy. In 2005 he was acquitted of all ten felony charges. The pop star hoped to stage the world’s greatest comeback with a 2009-2010 world tour. He was busy rehearsing for the concerts when he collapsed and died June 25 in Los Angeles, just weeks before the tour was scheduled to begin…



In 1989, Jackson did a commercial for LA Gear shoes. Reading some articles about these business companies, we can see clearly how they competed with each other to have Jackson on board. At that time, rumors were already circulating and the adjective “eccentric” was one that was attached to Jackson’s name. Some years later, they found more adjectives!

Here are 2 LA Times articles from the same reporter about the LA Gear deal:

Michael Jackson a Shoe-In to Sign Up as Spokesman for L.A. Gear

September 13, 1989|BRUCE HOROVITZ | Times Staff Writer

Pop star Michael Jackson is about to lace up with L.A. Gear as a corporate spokesman.

Jackson has scheduled a press conference this morning at the Hollywood Palladium where he is expected to announce a long-term, multimillion-dollar contract with the Mar Vista-based athletic shoe maker.

Executives at L.A. Gear did not return phone calls Tuesday, and Jackson’s publicists also declined to comment on the deal.

There is speculation that the company may eventually develop a shoe or clothing line named after–perhaps even designed by–the eccentric singer. And as has been the case with a growing number of rock stars, L.A. Gear is expected to tie in the promotion with Jackson’s upcoming album–a greatest hits collection scheduled for November release.

Terms of the contract have not been disclosed. But Los Angeles-area celebrity brokers–agents who arrange deals between stars and corporate sponsors–generally agree that, at the very least, the deal could rival the estimated $10-million-plus that Pepsi has paid Jackson to be its spokesman for the past three years.

One celebrity broker says the incentive for Jackson has to be more than monetary.

“It’s hard for me to believe this is a money deal,” said Sandy Joseph, co-owner of Joseph & Rix, a Beverly Hills company that represents a number of top Hollywood celebrities. She speculated that L.A. Gear might eventually develop a Michael Jackson line of shoes or clothing–and perhaps even have Jackson play a role in its design. “After all,” she said, “what kind of money can you pay Michael Jackson?”

Well, how about $10 million? That is what one source close to L.A. Gear, who asked not to be identified, said Jackson will be paid to wear L.A. Gear shoes in future music videos. At the same time, L.A. Gear is said to have agreed to air portions of the music videos in its TV commercials.

This would be a major concession from Jackson, who previously has not even touched the products he endorses in ads. Although Jackson has sung about Pepsi for several years, none of the commercials shows him drinking the beverage.

Just how effective a spokesman would Jackson be for L.A. Gear? Experts have varying opinions.

“It would be a real stretch to picture Michael Jackson doing the Moonwalk in a pair of L.A. Gear shoes,” said Alann Heldfond, president of Ingels Inc., a Hollywood company that represents top celebrities. He said baseball and football star Bo Jackson, who appears in Nike ads, is probably a more credible spokesman because the public more closely identifies athletic shoes with those sports than with dancing.

‘Very Visible Name’

But representatives of Reebok, Nike and Pepsi say L.A. Gear has clearly jumped into the big leagues with this move. Last year, L.A. Gear mostly featured former Los Angeles Laker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in its ads.

“It’s a good move,” said Kate Burnham, public relations manager at Reebok. “Michael Jackson is a very visible name.”

Jackson is “a perfect spokesman for a fashion product,” said Liz Dolan, Nike’s director of public relations. But she said Jackson would not be a good spokesman for shoes that are primarily aimed at athletes–such as Nike. Besides Bo Jackson, Nike also uses basketball star Michael Jordan as a spokesman. “I’d love to see Michael Jackson go one on one with Michael Jordan,” Dolan said.



Michael Jackson Starts Selling L.A. Gear’s Soles


Michael Jackson is about to do some hard sell in soft shoes.

Of course, hard sell for Jackson is just touching a product in an ad. He never has before. But later this week, the pop star will walk, dance and even pantomime in a pair of “MJ” athletic shoes in his first TV commercial for L.A. Gear.

In the ad, Jackson–who refused to so much as touch a Pepsi can in all of his Pepsi spots–is happily strapped into an $80 pair of L.A. Gear black athletic shoes with silver buckles.

But unlike with former sponsor Pepsi, Jackson has more than a cash deal at stake with L.A. Gear: Part of his estimated $20-million contract with the athletic shoe maker includes options to purchase an undisclosed amount of L.A. Gear stock.

The highly stylized spot is sure to be provocative. Jackson doesn’t sing or speak in it. Nor does the commercial have any typical Jackson music. What it does have is plenty of close-ups of the performer’s L.A. Gear-decked feet. There is just one close-up of Jackson’s face–as he transforms a dark alley into an electrically charged set.

“We wanted something uniquely different from the 500 different ads people see every week,” said Sandy Saemann, executive vice president of marketing at the Marina del Rey company. “This is not your average commercial.”

The back-to-school ad, which the company said cost about $700,000 to produce, was filmed last month in a tightly secured alley off Seventh Street in downtown Los Angeles. Much like Jackson’s actions in the “Captain Eo” film that he created for Disney, he once again appears to be controlling the forces of nature in the spot. Jackson even seems to be the catalyst for a lone street light that flicks on–and eventually explodes.

All of this apparent magic is quietly observed by a little girl from an apartment window. The girl, played by Jackson’s 8-year-old niece, Brandi, ends the commercial by applauding as a surprised Jackson beams a smile toward her.

At one time, L.A. Gear officials had hoped to time the release of Jackson’s planned greatest hits album and a new music video with the introduction of the shoe line. But Jackson is reportedly way behind on both music projects, and the album may not be released until spring.

Why the delay? Responded Saemann: “That’s a question you’ll have to ask Michael.”

Still, L.A. Gear officials hope Jackson’s magic will rub off on their company. In late June, the company reported a 36% drop in second-quarter profit despite a 33% increase in sales over the same quarter of the previous year. It was L.A. Gear’s worst earnings report since the company went public in 1986. And its stock, which last year hit a record high of $50.375 on the New York Stock Exchange, closed Friday at $20.75.

Just how might this new Jackson line of shoes affect sales–and L.A. Gear’s stock performance?

“There’s no where to go but up,” responded Saemann.

Several athletic shoe industry experts tend to agree with him. “The trend in the athletic shoe market is toward a flashier, more upbeat look,” said Dick Silverman, editor of the New York trade publication Footwear News. “I don’t see any reason why these shoes shouldn’t be extremely successful.”

The shoes have been available at Foot Locker stores for several weeks. Sales have been relatively slow, but one store manager says that is basically because the ads haven’t started to run yet.

“Let’s face it,” said Tony Gee, manager of the Foot Locker store at South Coast Plaza. “Michael Jackson sells a lot of records. I don’t see why he won’t sell a lot of shoes.”



At the end of the 80’s, Las Vegas had been classified as not a good place for families. Some powerful people with cash wanted to change the city’s bad reputation. They came with the idea of building a luxurious hotel with themed parks for children. Who would they ask for help? Michael Jackson. Since Jackson had already helped Disneyland parks why not help them in Las Vegas!

Here is a quote from the excellent site The Silenced Truth and an article about this project:

In 1989, Michael Jackson has teamed up with a Las Vegas Hotel in Nevada to create a new water-themed park. Jackson arrives at the Mirage Hotel to begin designing a new water and mountain attraction that will resemble Hawaii’s Diamond Head. Diamond Head is a defining feature of the view known to residents and tourists of Waikīkī alike. The volcanic tuff cone is a United States State Monument. While part of it serves as a platform for antennas used by the U.S. government and is closed to the public, the crater’s proximity to Honolulu’s resort hotels and beaches makes the rest of it a popular destination.



Las Vegas Gambles On Disney-style Resorts

November 19, 1989|By James Coates, Chicago Tribune

LAS VEGAS — This bastion of adult entertainment, where showgirls still beguile aging crapshooters, has switched gears in an effort to obtain a family rating.

Las Vegas` new look will debut Wednesday with the opening of a family-oriented casino/theme park called the Mirage, a $650 million project that hotel and city officials say is the first of a series of planned enterprises openly copied from Disneyland.

Architects of the Nevada scheme, like Stephen Wynn, president of Golden Nugget Inc. and chief planner for the Mirage, want to attract part of the crowds that enrich Disney coffers in Florida and California.

The idea is to give the kids something to do while their parents hit the casinos.

“I won`t say we`re going specifically after their (Disney`s)

customers,“ Wynn said. “But it is a happy fact of life that we are both being driven by the same booming interest in resorts and very, very high quality entertainment.“


This year an estimated 18 million people came to Las Vegas, while 25 million visited Disney World in Orlando. By contrast, 2 million tourists visited Yellowstone National Park, the nation`s most popular federal vacationland.

The Mirage will feature a 60-foot high artificial volcano that is studded with real palm trees and will belch flames 40 feet into the air every other minute.

Visitors will arrive in the lobby via a moving walkway that passes over a “habitat“ built for the rare white tigers that entertainers Sigfried and Roy will display in a cavernous showroom. The entertainers are being paid $57 million to provide shows for family audiences for the next four years.

The casino recently acquired federal permission to open a dolphin-filled aquarium in a water theme park where youngsters can frolic in a South Seas setting.

Pop star Michael Jackson is completing plans for “Jackson Attraction,“

a multimedia show and super game arcade for young people. A similar Jackson show, “Captain EO,“ has become a major draw at Disney`s two parks.




 Here it is a list over all the companies Jackson launched during the period 79-92 (from Leslie’s blog http://lesliemjhu.blogspot.se/)

MJJ Productions LLC
Register date: 10/30/1979
County: Delaware, California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Intellectual property, general.

Optimum Productions Inc.
Register date: 09/21/1983
County: California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Intellectual property, especially video releases.

Triumph International Inc.
Register date: 03/09/1984
County: California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Intellectual property, trademarks.

MJJ Artistic Inc.
Register date: 01/04/1990
County: California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Intellectual property, most likely comics.

521 Montana Joint Venture LLC
Register date: 10/30/1990
County: California
Ownership: 5.5%
Profile: Unknown.

MJJ Ventures Inc.
Register date: 02/26/1991
County: Delaware, California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Intellectual property, especially videos.

 UPDATES: Thanks to Leslie for this work (2/10/2013)


Michael Jackson Corporate Structure – Updates

One of my returning topics were about the corporate structure around MJ. As I have decided to have regular posts again, I will update these topics first.All these legal entities belong to The Estate of Michael Jackson, led by John Branca from Ziffren Brittenham LLC and John McClain. Legal representation is done by Howard Weitzman from Kinsella, Weitzman, Iser, Kump and Aldisert LLC. Accounting done by Miller, Kaplan, Arase LLP.By the way the Estate did a great job with re-structuring MJ’s corporate empire, no useless entities left, and everything is centered around one single team of decision makers.The Michael Jackson Company LLC
Register date: 06/13/2006
County: Delaware, California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Intellectual property, general.
Established by MJ as the new centerpiece of his re-organised empire. After his death used as an entity for all new major projects.

MJJ Productions LLC
Register date: 10/30/1979
County: Delaware, California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Intellectual property, general.
Established by MJ was responsible for all things done by MJ as an adult artist. Later has been replaced by The Michael Jackson Company LLC.

MJJ Ventures Inc.
Register date: 02/26/1991
County: Delaware, California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Intellectual property, especially videos.
Established by MJ was responsible for certain video related projects along with Sony, releasing motion pictures. Later has been replaced by The Michael Jackson Company LLC.

MJJ Artistic Inc.
Register date: 01/04/1990
County: California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Intellectual property.
The exact profile of this entity is unknown, but most probably owns IP to MJ’s graphic ventures from the early 90’s.

Triumph International Inc.
Register date: 03/09/1984
County: California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Intellectual property, trademarks.
Established by MJ still responsible for all major intellectual property related deals.

Optimum Productions Inc.
Register date: 09/21/1983
County: California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Intellectual property, especially video releases.
Established by MJ was responsible for certain video releases.

Go For Your Dreams Foundation
Register date: 10/10/2003
County: California
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Foundation.
Established by MJ was responsible for a failed charity initiative. It’s recent profile is still unkown.

Enchanted Kingdom LLC
Register date: 03/17/2008
County: Nevada
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Real estate.
Established by MJ was responsible for certain projects while he resided in Las Vegas. It’s recent profile is still unknown.

MJJ Records LLC (aka. MJJ Music)
Register date: 09/04/1997
County: Delaware
Ownership: 50%
Profile: Master recordings.
However the Californian entity has been just forfeited, it still manages the joint venture between the Estate and Sony.

Cirque Jackson I.P. LLC
Register date: 08/19/2010
County: Delaware
Ownership: 50%
Profile: Intellectual property.
Estate owns this company along with Cirque de Soleil to manage the “Immortal World Tour” project.

Sycamore Valley Ranch Co. LLC
Register date: 07/15/2008
County: Delaware
Ownership: 87.5%
Profile: Real estate.
Estate owns majority of MJ’s Neverland Valley Ranch through this entity. Colony Capital is the minority owner.

SEE Virtual World MJ LLC
SEE Virtual World MJ Operations LLC
Register date: 02/26/2010 and 10/14/2009
County: California
Ownership: 0%
Profile: Intellectual property.
This company licenses certain rights to build a virtual world for MJ under PlanetMichael.com. The Estate receives a significant percentage from the incomes.

World Events LLC
Register date: 04/10/2001
County: Delaware
Ownership: 70%
Profile: Intellectual property.
Estate owns this company along with David Guest to manage certain rights related to the “30th Anniversary Concerts”.

Desert Auto LLC
Register date: 02/21/2008
County: Nevada
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Unknown.

521 Montana Joint Venture LLC
Register date: 10/30/1990
County: California
Ownership: 5.5%
Profile: Unknown.

Register date: 11/04/2010
County: Delaware
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Trust.
Estate most probably fuels the money through these entities to the beneficiaries of MJ’s will.

Register date: 06/27/2012
County: Nevada
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Trust.
Estate most probably fuels the money through these entities to the beneficiaries of MJ’s will.

MJ Publishing Trust, New Horizont Trust, New Horizont Trust II
Register date: 11/30/1998
County: Delaware
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Trust.
Estate holds MJ’s and other artist’s copyrights against certain debts.

MJ-ATV Publishing Trust, New Horizont Trust III
Register date: 02/09/1999
County: Delaware
Ownership: 100%
Profile: Trust.
Estate holds the Beatles’ and other artist’s copyrights against certain debts.

Album sales (4 albums released between 79 and 91) until June 2009:

Michael Jackson’s Hit Album Off the Wall (1979)

Jackson’s fifth solo album Off the Wall combined funk, disco-pop, soft rock, soul, jazz and pop ballads and won the singer acclaim for his vocal versatility. With this album that sold 19 million copies to date, Michael Jackson became the first artist with four singles from one album in the Top 10:

  • “Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough”
  • “Off the Wall”
  • “Rock With You”
  • “She’s Out Of My Life”

The Biggest Seller of All Time – Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1982)

With 65 million copies sold, Jackson’s sixth album Thriller remains the world’s best selling album of all time. The music video for the title song “Thriller” aired for the first time in 1983 and has become the most famous and most often repeated music video of all time.

It was on March 25, 1983 that Michael Jackson revolutionized dance when he performed on the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever television special and introduced what would become his signature dance move – the moonwalk. The six singles below stormed the charts throughout 1982 and 1983.

  • “Beat It”
  • “Billie Jean”
  • “The Girl Is Mine” (with Paul McCartney)
  • “Human Nature”
  • “P.Y.T.” (“Pretty Young Thing”)
  • “Thriller”
  • “Wanna Be Starting Something”

In 1985, Michael Jackson wrote “We Are the World” together with Lionel Ritchie, released worldwide to aid the poor in Africa and donating millions in revenue for famine relief.

Another Big Success with Bad (1987)

After a gap of five years, Jackson’s long-awaited seventh album Bad was released and became an instant success, selling 28 million copies to date. Jackson’s friend, actress Elizabeth Taylor, conceived his nickname “King of Pop” at the “Artist of the Decade” award in 1989. The following seven of Bad’s nine singles made it to the hit list:

  • “Another Part of Me”
  • “Bad”
  • “Dirty Diana”
  • “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” (with Siedah Garrett)
  • “Man In The Mirror”
  • “Smooth Criminal”
  • “The Way You Make Me Feel”

Jackson’s Album Dangerous (1991)

Jackson’s eighth album Dangerous was released in 1991 after he renewed his contract with Sony for the record-breaking sum of $65 million. It sold 29 million copies. The following nine of the album’s 14 songs became hits and topped the charts, often for weeks:

  • “Black or White”
  • “Dangerous”
  • “Give In to Me”
  • “Gone Too Soon’
  • “Heal the World”
  • “In the Closet”
  • “Jam”
  • “Remember the Time”
  • “Will You Be There”

Read more at Suite101: Top Michael Jackson Songs: Discover the King of Pop through His Hit Albums | Suite101.com http://suite101.com/article/top-michael-jackson-songs-a128229#ixzz22IwwUctR

And also some tours (from Wikipedia):

Destiny (MJ + J5) 1979-1980 grossed $ 7.5 million.

Triumph Tour (MJ + J5) 1981 grossed $ 5.5 million.

Victory Tour (MJ + J5) 1984 grossed $ 75 million. Michael gave his share to the charity

Bad Tour Sep. 1987- Jan. 1980 grossed over $ 125 million.

Dangerous World Tour June 92- November 93 grossed ? The tour was interrupted because of 93 case came up.


Even this incomplete summary about Michael Jackson’s business affairs during the years 80-92 shows clearly how Jackson could earn millions of dollars. Add to this incredible capacity, his philanthropic, environmental, anti-racist and missionary goals and then you begin to see the giant that was about to born.

Evidently, he frightened some powerful men who saw their own downfall if the giant should gain his full power.

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