MJ’s Timeline Reloaded-2007

By The Last Tear

Timeline 2007:

Michael has a meeting in Las Vegas with Peter Lopez, Raymone Bain & Randy Phillips to discuss about a possible tour.

  • January 5:

Michael has dinner with Kenny Ortega at the Wynn Restaurant in Las Vegas.


Another record by Murray:

According to the attachments that Connie Ng, one of Murray’s employees sent him on June 25, 2009, Omar Arnold had done a 2D echo on January 17. At that time MJ was living in Las Vegas.

  • January 27:

Michael has dinner with Kenny Ortega, UK producer Simon Fuller & US journalist Robin Leach at Wing Lei (Wynn)

Another document by Murray:

According to Murray’s document (next photo dated 2/10/07), he had prescribed a cream for Omar Arnold. At this time, Jackson was in Vegas.


  • February 17:

Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine, Marlon, Randy, Jackie & Leonard Rowe visit Michael at his Las Vegas home and ask him to reunite with The Jacksons and tour America which he refuses…

Over the NBA’s All-Star weekend, Michael, Will I Am & Chris Tucker attend a performance of Prince at his club 3121 in L.V.

  • February 18:

Michael & Will I Am work on music together.

  • February 27:

Michael gives a deposition for the Ayscough & Marar lawsuit.

Another record by Murray:

Again according to Murray’s records, sometime in March 2007 he had treated “M” for a cough and chills.  David Walgren mentioned a date in March but we did not see the document on the screen. He said that apparently Murray had treated MJ on March 26, 2007.

Michael and his family were in Japan most of March 2007. This meeting on March 26 might have happened. The symptoms are again cough, chills, phlegm and a C-x-ray is mentioned.

Now the timeline in March:

  • March 4:

Michael arrives in Tokyo with the kids and he asks the fans to take part in an art design contest to be used on his upcoming website for the Michael Jackson Company. He is joined by Raymone Bain, Katherine Jackson & Mark Lester.

  • March 7:

Michael takes his kids to Disneyland Tokyo.

  • March 8:

Michael attends the ‘Premium VIP Party with Michael Jackson’ in Tokyo.

  • March 9:

Michael attends a fan appreciation event in Tokyo.

  • March 10:

Michael visits about 3,000 US troops and their family members gathered at a fitness center at Camp Zama in the south of Tokyo.

  • March 14:

Michael & his entourage leave Tokyo and fly to London. They visit Mark Lester and his family in Cheltenham.

  • March 21:

They leave London and fly back to Los Angeles.

  • April 3:

Michael takes Paris, Prince and Blanket to the FAO Schwarz Toy Store at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace (Las Vegas). Afterwards they head to the Wynn Hotel for lunch at “Wing Lei” Chinese Restaurant before going home, where a party is thrown for Paris 9th birthday.

Another document by Murray:

On the same picture where we saw details of the March symptoms, there is also a date in April (April 12). Michael and his family were still in Las Vegas.

  • May 4:

Michael goes to see “Spider Man 3” at Brenden Theatres (Palms) in Las Vegas.

  • May 22:

Michael arrives in London on a flight from Los Angeles with Grace & the kids.

  • May 25/26:

Michael attends Prince Azim of Brunei 25th birthday celebration at the Stapelford country club in Leicestershire.

  • June 1:

Michael, Grace & the kids leave London and fly back to Los Angeles.

Michael “Brother Michael” Amir Williams is hired as Michael’s new personal assistant.


  • June 27:

Raymone Bain issues a press release to deny several false rumors about Michael & Grace and she reveals that he is currently in the studio putting finishing touches on his music. She also states that has not “left” Las Vegas nor is he being “evicted” from his residence in Las Vegas. He decided not to exercise the option to purchase the house he’s been staying in since last December.

  • July 3:

Raymone confirms that Michael is scouting out some summer- house properties. He was in the Eastern Shore of Maryland last week for about 24 hours. Michael came east with his children about 10 days ago to attend some meetings with his advisers and attorneys who live in the East coast


  • July 25:

Michael goes to the law offices of Venable LLP in Washington to give a deposition in the $30 million lawsuit brought by his former manager, Dieter Wiesner. He is accompanied his attorney, William Mundell and Wiesner by his partner Ronald Konitzer and his attorney: Howard King.


  • September 25:

Michael (with Blanket by his side) gives an interview to Harriette Cole for his upcoming Ebony cover story.

Los Angeles Judge Joseph S. Biderman dismisses the Dieter Wiesner case. The parties agreed to take part in the settlement discussions weeks ago. After a friendly deposition of Michael Jackson, the parties agreed to dismiss not only parts of the claims, but the entire case.

  • October 3:

Michael’s issue of L’Uomo Vogue Magazine hit the newsstands in Italy.

  • October 31:

Access Hollywood airs a preview of Michael’s photo shoot for Ebony magazine.

Michael & the kids celebrate Halloween at the Cascio family home in New Jersey.

  • November 7:

After 4 months Michael & the kids leave the Cascio family home in New Jersey and fly to Los Angeles.

  • November 8:

Michael attends Reverend Jesse Jackson’s 66th Birthday Bash at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in the company of Berry Gordy and Larry King among others.

  • November 12:

Michael’s issue of Ebony magazine celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Thriller hits the newsstands in the US.


This is the story of a Paul Farance. In a text message sent to Murray on June 24, 2009, Connie Ng asked if Paul Farance is “him too”? (Probably meaning MJ) and then she sent a MRI as an attachment. As we see in the timeline, MJ was in LA and went back to Las Vegas on December 9. There is no reason why MJ would have wanted to leave LA, to meet Murray in Vegas and then come back again to LA!

  • November 15:

Michael & Grace go shopping in L.A.

  • November 22:

Michael & the kids celebrate Thanksgiving in L.A.

  • December 1:

Michael goes shopping at Sharper Image in Beverly Hills.

  • December 9:

Michael & the kids go back to Las Vegas and check in the Green Valley Hotel.

  • December 15:

Michael takes Prince, Paris & Blanket to a shopping spree in Las Vegas.

  • December 17:

Michael appears on the cover of Jet magazine.

  • December 24/25:

Michael celebrates Christmas with Prince, Paris & Blanket in Las Vegas.

  • December 27:

Both Michael and Raymone enter into a “Payment and Release Agreement” terminating her employment as Michael’s manager and president of the MJ Company against the payment of $488,820.05.

  • December 31:

The loan on the Sony/ATV music catalog is refinanced which provides 25 million dollars in cash to Michael.

During the year 2007, it appears that Conrad Murray only met the Jackson family 4 times and mainly to treat colds. The fact that he was occasionally at Jackson’s home was said by Michael Amir Williams during the trial too. In the first video during the direct testimony (from 5:25 to 7:42) he says that it was from 2008 that Murray was recognized as Michael’s doctor. Again in the second video (from 3:15 to 4:38), he said the same thing to the defense.

To be continued …

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